spotify experiences outage what happened

Spotify is a music streaming service and in the U.S. on Friday night - Friday the 13th, there wasn't any music available for people to play. There was a flood of user reports that the streaming service for Spotify was down and anyone who was logged out of Spotify was not able to log in again.

There were over 30,000 reports of this outage, according to the website, Down and this was just before 8:00 PM EST. These reports rose sharply after that time and Spotify had to quickly create a page to say that there was a minor outage that affected only playing Spotify audio files. Calling this minor, however, doesn't seem appropriate as the main feature of Spotify is playing audio files.

Spotify's Twitter account acknowledged the outage saying they were looking into it and after a couple hours that things were looking much better. It's unknown if a Google Cloud issue was the problem this time or if there was a large cloud or routing issue that caused the problem.

Anytime a large scaled tech company has an outage, it is a big deal. We'll keep an eye on Spotify to see if they report on why this outage occurred. Proper communication is important from a large company.

What do you think of this outage from Spotify? Was it due to something malicious or internal or something else?