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Is ChomeOS X The Right Standard For Google Chrome Books?

is chomeos x the right standard for google chrome books

ChromeOS X is the operating system that powers all of Google's Chrome Book laptops. The good thing about these laptops is that they are generally very inexpensive to buy. They may have more of a limited hardware and functionality, but if all you are doing is software apps, internet usage, and nothing involving high-end graphics or gaming, then a Chrome Book makes a lot of sense.

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Google's Pixel Tablet Is a Step in the Right Direction

googles pixel tablet is a step in the right direction

Google's Pixel Tablet was unveiled in May 2023 with new upgrades and features. It's a new tablet that's designed to be helpful in your hands and at home. The tablet has a large 11-inch display, a powerful Tensor G2 chip, and a variety of features that make it a great choice for entertainment, productivity, and creativity.

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Google Announces a Foldable Phone: The Pixel Fold Phone

google announces a foldable phone the pixel fold phone

Google is finally joining the foldable phone market with the Pixel Fold. The device has been rumored for years, and it's finally here. The Pixel Fold is a 7.6-inch foldable phone with a 5.8-inch cover display. It's powered by the Google Tensor G2 processor and has a triple-lens rear camera system. The Pixel Fold also has a number of unique features, including water-resistant design. There is also speculation of a stylus holder.

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Passwords Are About to Go the Way of the Dodo Bird: Google Rolls Out Passkey Technology

passwords are about to go the way of the dodo bird google rolls out passkey technology

Passwords are a pain in the butt. They're hard to remember, easy to forget, and they're often reused across multiple websites and apps. This makes them a prime target for hackers, who can use them to gain unauthorized access to our accounts and data. Often times, someone needs a document just to manage the numerous usernames and passwords they have.

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Godfather of A.I. Departs Google With Ominous Warnings

godfather of ai departs google with ominous warnings

Geoffrey Hinton, the man often called the "Godfather of AI," has quit his job at Google, citing concerns about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence. Many others have shared this concern and have even asked for a 6-month pause on A.I. development so that regulation can catch up.

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Google Bard Now Answering Programming Questions - And It's Way Better Than ChatGPT

google bard now answering programming questions and its way better than chatgpt

I recently was informed that Google Bard was now answering programming questions, so I decided to try it out. It is much better than ChatGPT in 3 distinct ways.

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Samsung Considering Switching to Bing Search Engine as Default on Android Devices

samsung considering switching to bing search engine as default on android devices

The integration of AI chatbots into search engines has put Bing Chat in the spotlight, offering more personalized and helpful responses compared to Google Search. While Google has been slow to respond with its Google Bard service and Magi project, Samsung is considering using Bing as its default search engine in future smartphones and tablets.

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Google Giving Some Early Access To Its "Bard" AI

google giving some early access to its bard ai

Google is giving certain users access to its "Bard" AI, so long as they are a Pixel Superfan.

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AI Is Coming to your Google and Bing Search - How It Will Make Them Better

ai is coming to your google and bing search how it will make them better

AI is coming, and it's going to help power Bing and Google. Here's how it will help.

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Google AI Bard Makes Serious Blunder, Crashing Alphabet (Google) Stock

google ai bard makes serious blunder crashing alphabet google stock

Google's parent company, Alphabet, is struggling to keep up with Microsoft in the AI chatbot field, but a costly blunder has put it on the back foot.

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Google has introduced a new AI chatbot called Bard that aims to compete with the highly successful ChatGPT.

google has introduced a new ai chatbot called bard that aims to compete with the highly successful chatgpt

Google has launched its own artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, in response to the wildly successful ChatGPT. The new chatbot service will be called Bard and will be made available to "trusted users" before a public release in the coming weeks, according to Alphabet Inc., Google's parent company.

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Google Alphabet Laying off Thousands of Workers

google alphabet laying off thousands of workers

Google announced today that they are eliminating 12000 jobs or about 6% of their workforce.

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