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Model S Tesla Sentry Mode: Records Gas Poured on Tesla and Fire Started

model s tesla sentry mode records gas poured on tesla and fire started

In a video that is hard to believe, a man with two gas cans doused a Model S with the gasoline and lit it on fire while running off. Tesla vehicles are pure electric vehicles and technological wonders for cars. As the Model S burned, the cameras still rolled and sentry mode caught the face of this arsonist.

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The Reckoning of GM, Ford, and VW: Adapt or Face Bankruptcy

the reckoning of gm ford and vw adapt or face bankruptcy

GM, Ford, VW, and other companies must adapt or face bankruptcy. It is not enough to make PowerPoint presentations and nice renderings of vehicles. Actual and profitable EVs must be made at scale.

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Utah Is Taxing Electric Vehicles and Charging: This is a Bad Idea

utah is taxing electric vehicles and charging this is a bad idea

Many people in Utah would buy and electric vehicle or hybrid vehicle - so why is Utah taxing these vehicles more and taxing the charging of these vehicles at public charging stations a bad idea?

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There Is a Boat That Flies: The Candela C-8

there is a boat that flies the candela c 8

The Candela C-8 is a Polestar powered boat that can fly. How is it able to fly?

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Gas Cars Are Becoming Obsolete Fast: Price Parity Fast Approaching From EVs

gas cars are becoming obsolete fast price parity fast approaching from evs

Gas cars are becoming obsolete fast, and any company that continues to produce them - even hybrid models - is going to have difficulty selling cars and being profitable.

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GM Offering to Buyout Workers is Ominous Sign

gm offering to buyout workers is ominous sign

GM is offering to pay its salaried workers a lump sum of money to leave the company. This is a very ominous sign for GM and is a sign of things to come for other legacy automakers.

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Battery Costs Are Declining and Will Make EVs Cheaper To Buy - Eventually

battery costs are declining and will make evs cheaper to buy eventually

Battery costs are declining and will eventually make EVs cheaper to buy over time.

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Cost of Battery Packs Over Time - Using a 60 kWh Battery Pack as an Example

cost of battery packs over time using a 60 kwh battery pack as an example

Battery packs are still very expensive - however, costs are coming down and by the end of the decade, it will most likely cost just a couple of thousand dollars to replace the battery pack on your EV (electric vehicle).

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Is Apply Really Going To Make A Car?

is apply really going to make a car

There have been rumors of an Apple Car for several years now, and the big question is this: Is Apple really going to make a car?

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Redundant Tech Workers Find New Opportunities in Automotive Industry

redundant tech workers find new opportunities in automotive industry

Tens of thousands of tech workers have lost their jobs in the first month of the year, but the auto industry has yet to announce major layoffs. Ford and GM are among the automakers that have avoided widespread job cuts, despite some localized cuts, such as the 3,200 job cuts planned by Ford in Europe.

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Light Year Has Stopped Production of Its Solar Powered EV - Why It Stopped

light year has stopped production of its solar powered ev why it stopped

Lightyear is a little known company that is developing a solar-powered EV. However, it has stopped production of this solar-powered EV after three months. It is doing something else instead.

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