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You Can Now Edit Messages on WhatsApp

you can now edit messages on whatsapp

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, now lets you edit your messages. This is a big deal for text messaging as most of the time, you cannot edit your message after you send it. If you want to change a message, you have to post another one with an * saying what your typo or mistake was.

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Google's Pixel 7A Phone Blows Away the iPhone

googles pixel 7a phone blows away the iphone

The Google Pixel 7a is a new Android phone that was released this month, May 2023. It has a number of features that make it a compelling alternative to the iPhone, including:

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Google Announces a Foldable Phone: The Pixel Fold Phone

google announces a foldable phone the pixel fold phone

Google is finally joining the foldable phone market with the Pixel Fold. The device has been rumored for years, and it's finally here. The Pixel Fold is a 7.6-inch foldable phone with a 5.8-inch cover display. It's powered by the Google Tensor G2 processor and has a triple-lens rear camera system. The Pixel Fold also has a number of unique features, including water-resistant design. There is also speculation of a stylus holder.

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T-Mobile Continues Phone Dominance With 1.3 Million New Customers in Q1, 2023

t mobile continues phone dominance with 13 million new customers in q1 2023

T-Mobile is continuing its growth and phone dominance in the market by adding 1.3 million new customers in Q1, 2023. The company now has over 100 million customers. Not only that, it acquired Mint Mobile recently, which will bring another large customer base of around 2.5 million customers.

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Motorola Rizr Has An Extendable Screen For Extra Length or Width: Great for Movies or Compact Use

motorola rizr has an extendable screen for extra length or width great for movies or compact use

Motorola recently showed off a phone with a screen that can extend or compact, depending on the use you have for it. If you are talking to someone, you can compact the screen. If you have a movie, you can have a horizontal display that automatically extends.

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50 Years Ago, the Cell Phone Was Born: How Mobile Phones Have Changed Over Time

50 years ago the cell phone was born how mobile phones have changed over time

It's been 50 years since the invention of the cell phone, and it has gone through a number of changes since then. Here are the most significant changes:

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HMD Global, Nokia Phone Maker, Is Taking Some Manufacturing Over to Europe

hmd global nokia phone maker is taking some manufacturing over to europe

HMD Global is a manufacturer for Nokia, and it is taking some manufacturing over to Europe. Why are they doing this?

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Hacking Dating Apps for Better Matches

hacking dating apps for better matches

Can you hack a dating app to get better matches? Here's how to do it.

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Review of the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G

review of the samsung galaxy a13 5g

The Samsung Galaxy A13 5G is a low-cost phone with good connectivity and good value for its price. Here's why it is worth it.

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Power Savings Tips For Your Smart Phone

power savings tips for your smart phone

We have 10 important tips to save power for your smart phone. This will save you time and having to charge it every day.

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