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Scientists Discover A Material That Can Revolutionize Energy and Electronics

scientists discover a material that can revolutionize energy and electronics

Scientists have discovered a new material that could revolutionize energy and electronics. It could change the entire world. The new material works at both a temperature and a pressure low enough to actually use it in practical situations. This is a breakthrough that scientists have been looking for more over 100 years - a material that is able to transmit electricity without resistance and pass magnetic fields around the material.

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Gas Cars Are Becoming Obsolete Fast: Price Parity Fast Approaching From EVs

gas cars are becoming obsolete fast price parity fast approaching from evs

Gas cars are becoming obsolete fast, and any company that continues to produce them - even hybrid models - is going to have difficulty selling cars and being profitable.

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Solar Energy Costs Are Going Down Fast And Will Be Everywhere By 2030

solar energy costs are going down fast and will be everywhere by 2030

Solar panels continue to go down in cost and by 2030, will be extraordinarily cheap for energy production.

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