midjourney is leading the ai race for image generation

Midjourney is a popular AI image creation tool, only usable in Discord as of time of writing this article.

Here is the prompt for the above image:

rainbow landscape, alien world, ultra high, ultra details, cinematic composition, intricate details, photo realistic, finely detailed outfit, Unreal Engine, Cinematic, Color Grading, Editorial Photography, Photography, Photoshoot, Shot on 70mm, Ultra - Wide Angle, Depth of Field, DOF, Tilt Blur, Shutter Speed 1/ 1000, F/ 22, 32k, Super - Resolution, Megapixel, ProPhoto RGB, VR, Lonely, Good, Massive, Big, Spotlight, Frontlight, Halfrear Lighting, Backlight, Rim Lights, Rim Lighting, Artificial Lighting, Natural Lighting, Incandescent, Optical Fiber, Moody Lighting, Cinematic Lighting, Studio Lighting, Soft Lighting, Hard Lighting, volumetric Light, Volumetric Lighting, Volumetric, Contre - Jour, Rembrandt Lighting, Split Lighting, Beautiful Lighting, Accent Lighting, Global Illumination, Lumen Global Illumination, Screen Space Global Illumination, Ray Tracing Global Illumination, hyper realistic, super detailed, photography, 8k, Final Detailed Body, Final Detailed Face, Fin --q 2 --s 750 --ar 16:9 - Image #1 @Lil Walter

This prompt is excellent. It contains many fine details, including what is desired in the image, as well as how the scene should be laid out and finally things like render style, quality and aspect ratio.

Prompt engineering is an emerging technology field for artificial intelligence. The AI is literally like a personal assistant who you have to micro-manage. Having used tools like stable diffusion, Midjourney is a welcome improvement on the simplicity. But writing an excellent prompt is still very important.

Here are some other stunning images I found while browsing Midjourney today:

Photo of an extremely beautiful woman, curly blonde hair, wearing daisy dukes, tanktop, cowgirl, Gigi Hadid, beautiful, real photography, fujifilm superia, full HD, taken on a Canon EOS R5 F1. 2 ISO100 35MMWestern genre, Woman walking awayfrom a house framed within the doorway into a field, gritty, realistic, 1800s time period, dramatic, anamorphic lens, cinematic, atmospheric, dark, emotionalscene from a modern movie --ar 16:9 --v 5.2 --style raw - Image #3 @davidsamuel

Photo style: Cozy and Relaxing Location: Home interior with a window overlooking the rain Composition: A cozy corner with a comfortable chair, a book open on a side table, a warm cup of tea, and raindrops on the windowpane. Include a soft blanket and a flickering candle to enhance the cozy ambiance. Camera: Full-frame DSLR Lens: Wide-angle lens (e.g., 24mm) Aperture: f/2.8 Shutter speed: 1/60 second ISO: 400 Lighting: Soft, warm indoor lighting - Image #2 @Mar-Sav

Sometimes simpler prompt is better...

Elon Musk lifting a giant eggplant - Image #3 @KN

equirectangular projection of a cinematic scene, detailed photograph in the style of Sebastião Salgado depicting a busy city airport in the middle of a major city. The extreme long shot taken from the air, showing us on approach to the main runway below while giant storm clouds gatheroverhead at golden hour. The view is Captured by a Sony A7R IV camera with a Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM lens. --ar 16:9 --style raw --v 5.2 --no aircraft, black edges, text, any distortion. - @cameron🖖🏻 (fast)