the mystery of the strange lights over sacramento has been solved

There were some strange lights over Sacramento recently that had many people puzzled. Fortunately, the mystery has been solved.

Strange Lights in the Sky

There was a St. Patrick's Day celebration when some people noticed that there were strange lights in the sky. Jaime Hernandez began filming the lights and the video ended in about 40 seconds. This video is now on Hernandez's Instagram, seeing if anyone can solve it.

There is Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer who believes they have the answer. He works for the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and said he's almost 100% sure the streaks of light were from burning space debris - 40 miles high and going thousands of miles per hour.

Space Junk

Mr. McDowell mentioned that there was a Japanese communications package that relayed information from the ISS (International Space Station) to a communications satellite and then back to Earth. However, this became obsolete in 2017 and the satellite was retired.

This equipment weights about 680 pounds, and it was released from the ISS in 2020 because it was taking up too much space. What else can be done with something so heavy, except simply ejecting it down to earth. Hopefully it doesn't crash into anyone or anything.

What do you think the lights in the sky were? Were they space junk?