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Tech Salaries in 2023 and a Look Forward to the Future

tech salaries in 2023 and a look forward to the future

As technology continues to evolve and transform industries across the globe, the demand for skilled tech workers has skyrocketed. With more companies investing in technology to stay competitive, it’s no surprise that tech salaries have continued to climb in recent years. In 2023, we can expect to see tech salaries continue to rise as companies compete for top talent.

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There Will Be Three AIs That Become Self Aware

there will be three ais that become self aware

Elon Musk is reported to be getting into the AI game, along with Google and Microsoft, creating a 3-way race and differentiation in AI. I believe there will be three AIs that emerge in the future and think this is what they will be.

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Learn Coding As a Second Language

learn coding as a second language

It's important to learn to code as another language beyond the primary language you speak. The language of computers is the language of the future.

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Adaptive Neural Nets Could Be Found From the Roundworm's Nervous System

adaptive neural nets could be found from the roundworms nervous system

The parasitic roundworm, an infection causing fever and other complications, could hold a key to immensely faster neural networks, according to researchers. Here's how.

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Why Java Is Good To Know For a Programmer

why java is good to know for a programmer

Java is a widely used programming language, and knowing how to use it is a valuable skill in today's world.

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Being a Senior Software Engineer - What Does It Take?

being a senior software engineer what does it take

Senior software engineers are experienced software developers who have achieved a high level of expertise in their field. They are responsible for designing, developing, testing, and maintaining software applications and systems. In this article, we will explore the skills, education, and experience required to become a senior software engineer.

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Is AI Going to Take Your Programming Job From You?

is ai going to take your programming job from you

You might wonder if AI is going to take your programming job from you. Let's take a realistic look at this.

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Current and Future State of Artificial Intelligence (AI) - 2023 Edition

current and future state of artificial intelligence ai 2023 edition

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing field that has the potential to transform the way we live and work. In recent years, AI has made tremendous strides, from performing simple tasks such as voice recognition and image classification to more complex ones like autonomous driving and medical diagnosis. In this article, we'll take a look at some current advances in AI, and it's future potential.

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Text to Speech Open Source - TTS

text to speech open source tts

We recently added text to speech capabilities using the open source project TTS.

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Microsoft, Gitub and OpenAI are being Sued for Stealing Code

microsoft gitub and openai are being sued for stealing code

Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI have asked a San Francisco federal court to dismiss a proposed class action complaint that accuses the companies of scraping licensed code to build GitHub’s AI-powered Copilot tool. Launched in 2021, Copilot uses OpenAI’s technology to suggest lines of code directly within a programmer’s code editor. It was trained on publicly available code from GitHub, leading to concerns over its potential violation of copyright laws.

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How to Survive in the Tech Industry, 2023 Edition

how to survive in the tech industry 2023 edition

I recently had someone reach out to me for help getting a job with the tech industry. They are a skilled developer with database, backend and frontend experience. They were slightly overwhelmed at the current tech market, and rightfully so. Big tech such as Meta, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have all had mass layoffs, among others.

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What is the Future of Programming Languages?

what is the future of programming languages

I grew up in the 80s on very primitive computers compared to today's standards. I started with the BASIC language and moved on to QBasic, Visual Basic, C, C++ and finally C# where I found my favorite language :) I have a few thoughts about where humanity is headed with programming languages...

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