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Massive Solar Farm On China Mountain Spanning 80 KM

massive solar farm on china mountain spanning 80 km

There is a massive solar farm on top of N China's Shanxi, stretching 80 kilometers as #China is moving forward to develop clean energy.

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Solar Energy Costs Are Going Down Fast And Will Be Everywhere By 2030

solar energy costs are going down fast and will be everywhere by 2030

Solar panels continue to go down in cost and by 2030, will be extraordinarily cheap for energy production.

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Part of the Sun Just Broke Off

part of the sun just broke off

Part of the sun just broke off in a wild vortex explosion, and we have all the details.

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Solar Energy Is the Answer For Humanity's Energy Needs

solar energy is the answer for humanitys energy needs

There is a giant ball of fire in the sky called the sun. This has the means to power our civilization over 100 times over.

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Solar Energy Is On a Tear - Exponential Growth

solar energy is on a tear exponential growth

Solar energy is on a tear and continues to grow exponentially ever since about 2009.

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European Space Agency Wants to Beam Energy from Space

european space agency wants to beam energy from space

The European Space Agency (ESA) has announced a new program called Solaris that aims to explore the feasibility of launching solar structures into orbit, harnessing the sun's energy and transmitting it to the ground. If this concept comes to fruition, Solaris could provide always-on space-based solar power and make up 10 to 15 percent of Europe's energy use by the 2030s.

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