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Longevity Factor Klotho Shows Increased Cognition

longevity factor klotho shows increased cognition

There have been some new studies on a protein that has shown longevity and memory improvements. This protein is known as longevity factor klotho. Here are 4 advantages to this protein that recent studies have shown.

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Laser Tree Trimmer: Chops a Tree in Seconds

laser tree trimmer chops a tree in seconds

There is video of a laser cutting down trees in a matter of seconds. The big question about this technology is - is it real?

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This Small Microbial Alien-Like Creature Can Withstand the Vacuum of Space Itself

this small microbial alien like creature can withstand the vacuum of space itself

A video with a small alien-like creature was seen on Twitter, and it features a microbial alien-like creature that can withstand the vacuum of space itself. What is this creature?

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The Cost to Launch 1 Pound Into Space is Decreasing: What It Will Be In 20 Years Time

the cost to launch 1 pound into space is decreasing what it will be in 20 years time

Getting 1 pound into orbit has typically been expensive. However, thanks to reusable rockets and SpaceX, this cost is coming down substantially. Here's what the cost used to be, what it is now, and what it will be in the future.

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SpaceX Starship Getting Ready to Carry a Jeep-Sized Rover to the Moon: When Will It Happen?

spacex starship getting ready to carry a jeep sized rover to the moon when will it happen

SpaceX is going to send its enormous reusable rocket, Starship, to the moon in the year 2026. It will carry a jeep-sized rover with it.

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The Mystery of the Strange Lights Over Sacramento Has Been Solved

the mystery of the strange lights over sacramento has been solved

There were some strange lights over Sacramento recently that had many people puzzled. Fortunately, the mystery has been solved.

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Top 10 Health Tips That Are Cheap That Ray Kurzweil Would Tell You To Do

top 10 health tips that are cheap that ray kurzweil would tell you to do

Living a long and healthy life doesn't have to be expensive. Here are the top 10 tips that futurist Ray Kurzweil, who apparently eats a 700 calorie diet, would give you if you were to ask him the top 10 cheapest ways to live a healthy life.

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There Is a Boat That Flies: The Candela C-8

there is a boat that flies the candela c 8

The Candela C-8 is a Polestar powered boat that can fly. How is it able to fly?

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Scientists Discover Enormous Water Cloud in Space

scientists discover enormous water cloud in space

Astronomers have been studying the formation of a distant star and discovered a giant cloud of water in space. The water is like the regular water we have here on earth, and it is also like heavy water - where one of the hydrogen atoms has been replaced by deuterium. This could offer new insights into water for our solar system.

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Scientists Discover A Material That Can Revolutionize Energy and Electronics

scientists discover a material that can revolutionize energy and electronics

Scientists have discovered a new material that could revolutionize energy and electronics. It could change the entire world. The new material works at both a temperature and a pressure low enough to actually use it in practical situations. This is a breakthrough that scientists have been looking for more over 100 years - a material that is able to transmit electricity without resistance and pass magnetic fields around the material.

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Asteroid Headed Our Way Could Collide With Earth in 2046

asteroid headed our way could collide with earth in 2046

There is an asteroid in outer space that will come close to the earth in 2046. Does this asteroid pose a threat to us?

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Latent Virus, Frozen In Ice For Nearly 50,000 Years, Revived by Scientists

latent virus frozen in ice for nearly 50000 years revived by scientists

A virus, frozen in ice for nearly 50,000 years, was recovered and revived by scientists recently and this raises a number of questions about public health and safety.

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Microsoft Launches AI Incorporated Business Tool

microsoft launches ai incorporated business tool

Microsoft has released a version of AI called Business Incorporate, which uses AI to help businesses automate their mundane and monotonous tasks.

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The Latest In Anti Viral Drugs

the latest in anti viral drugs

There are a variety of drugs that can be used to treat viruses, and more continue to be created each year. Here are some of the best ones.

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Living to 150 Years Old - Is It Possible Right Now?

living to 150 years old is it possible right now

Is it possible to live to 150 years old right now? If not, how soon could this be expected?

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Passing the Turing Test - A Chat Bot Becoming Sentient

passing the turing test a chat bot becoming sentient

It is the year 2023 at the time of this article, and there are chatbots that seem smarter than the average human. Are we getting close to a sentient chatbot that can pass the Turing Test - being indistinguishable from a human?

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A Virus That Could Destroy Humanity

a virus that could destroy humanity

Could there be a virus that comes that could destroy humanity? So far, no virus like this exists and I'll explain why no virus in the future will end humanity. It could cause a lot of suffering, but it won't end humanity.

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There Will Be Three AIs That Become Self Aware

there will be three ais that become self aware

Elon Musk is reported to be getting into the AI game, along with Google and Microsoft, creating a 3-way race and differentiation in AI. I believe there will be three AIs that emerge in the future and think this is what they will be.

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There is a Massive Planet In Space - That Should NOT Exist

there is a massive planet in space that should not exist

There is a massive planet in outer space that should not exist - it defies our theories of planetary formation and orbits a quiet small star. Its name is TOI-5205b.

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Electrical Activity In a Single Brain Cell

electrical activity in a single brain cell

Researchers are discovering more and more about the human brain, and there has been electrical activity shown in a single brain cell and its effect on the body.

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"Magic" Mushroom Could Replace Plastic Parts For Electronics and Vehicles

magic mushroom could replace plastic parts for electronics and vehicles

There is a mushroom, the fungus Fomes fomentarius, that could be a replacement for plastic parts used in electronics, vehicles, and sports equipment. How would this work?

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Notion AI Generates Text From Scratch - Did It Generate This Article?

notion ai generates text from scratch did it generate this article

Notion is a note-taking app, and it now has AI features that will write text for you. Anyone can use this feature, but you will eventually have to pay for it. The company is pitching the feature as a though partner or buddy. Is this something that will be useful, and did I write this article using Notion? I'll tell you at the end.

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Adaptive Neural Nets Could Be Found From the Roundworm's Nervous System

adaptive neural nets could be found from the roundworms nervous system

The parasitic roundworm, an infection causing fever and other complications, could hold a key to immensely faster neural networks, according to researchers. Here's how.

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Part of the Sun Just Broke Off

part of the sun just broke off

Part of the sun just broke off in a wild vortex explosion, and we have all the details.

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The Future of Antibiotics - Developments and Bacterial Resistance

the future of antibiotics developments and bacterial resistance

Antibiotics have saved many lives, however, their misuse has also created antibiotic resistance. What is the future of them and resistant bacteria?

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The World in 2030

the world in 2030

What will the world be like in 2030? Here are some predictions and things to prepare for.

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Humanoid Robots - When Are They Coming?

humanoid robots when are they coming

When are humanoid robots going to be available to cook and clean for us? What other uses will they have? Let's take a look.

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Being a Senior Software Engineer - What Does It Take?

being a senior software engineer what does it take

Senior software engineers are experienced software developers who have achieved a high level of expertise in their field. They are responsible for designing, developing, testing, and maintaining software applications and systems. In this article, we will explore the skills, education, and experience required to become a senior software engineer.

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Human Lifespans - What Will Lengthen Them In the Future?

human lifespans what will lengthen them in the future

Humans are living longer than ever, and that is increasing in most parts of the world. What contributes to living longer and what will extend our lives in the future?

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Energy, Voltage, and Amps - the Critical Need to Understand Energy and Electricity in the Electrification Age

energy voltage and amps the critical need to understand energy and electricity in the electrification age

Understanding energy, voltage, and amps is critical to understand electricity and the batteries we all use - and will be using in the future.

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3D Printing Organs - Longevity and Saving Lives

3d printing organs longevity and saving lives

3D printing of organs is going to continue to advance and offer longevity and the saving of lives for human beings.

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Viral Infections - How to Stop Them or Lessen the Impact

viral infections how to stop them or lessen the impact

Viral infections are among the most common illnesses that humans experience. They are caused by a variety of viruses that can affect different parts of the body, leading to a range of symptoms. Let's explore the nature of viral infections, the factors that contribute to their spread, and the strategies that can be used to prevent and treat these infections.

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Rising Sea Levels Are a Threat - Here Are the Solutions

rising sea levels are a threat here are the solutions

Rising sea levels are a threat - especially to coastal cities. There are solutions, however, and we'll go over them now.

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Genome Sequencing Costs Continue to Decline

genome sequencing costs continue to decline

The cost of human genome sequencing continues to decline. The first genome sequenced cost about $1 billion dollars. Now, it can be done for as little as $399. That's a 2.5 million increase in cost reduction over just about 20 years.

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Are Biometric Passwords Going To Become A Thing?

are biometric passwords going to become a thing

There is a company trying to make it so none of us have to use passwords again. I'm up for that, and let's see if they can do it!

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Why Herpes Can Be Beneficial To Your Body's Immune System

why herpes can be beneficial to your bodys immune system

Herpes can be good for the immune system, some think, and here's why.

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A Brain Circuit Could Curtail Risky Behavior

a brain circuit could curtail risky behavior

There is a brain circuit being developed that could curtail risky behavior, reducing atrocities such as mass shootings. There is a catch - the circuit has to be put in the brain.

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Neurotechnology And The War For Your Brain

neurotechnology and the war for your brain

There is a media war with information happening right now for your brain and control of you. There is a war for your brain. Neuro rights are going to be a thing in the future.

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Concrete and Climate Change Are Inextricably Linked

concrete and climate change are inextricably linked

Concrete is a widely used construction material that is known for its strength, durability, and versatility. It is a mixture of water, cement, and aggregates, such as sand and gravel, that harden over time to form a solid and long-lasting structure. Despite its many benefits, the production and use of concrete have a significant impact on the environment and contribute to climate change.

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How to See Objects Without Looking at Them - With Quantum Mechanics

how to see objects without looking at them with quantum mechanics

There are researchers at Aalto University, researching quantum mechanics, who used quantum coherence to see objects without looking at them - just like Nio in the Matrix.

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The Latest Advancements in Medicine for Human Aging

the latest advancements in medicine for human aging

Aging is a natural process that all humans experience, and as the population continues to age, the need for effective treatments to address the various health issues that come with aging becomes increasingly important. Recent advancements in medicine are helping to address the challenges of aging and improve the health and quality of life for older adults.

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Mice Cells Made To Last 4 Times as Long as Its Life - Implications for Cancer and Other Research

mice cells made to last 4 times as long as its life implications for cancer and other research

David Masopust is a scientist, and he has wondered for quite some time how he can push the immune systems of animals and humans to their absolute limits.

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Phase 2 Trial Gives Hope to Those With Coronary Issues and Refractory Angina

phase 2 trial gives hope to those with coronary issues and refractory angina

There is a United States biotech company, XyloCor that is advancing its trials of SC001, a form of gene therapy for patients with refractory angina.

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Robot From China Can Shapeshift

robot from china can shapeshift

There are engineers at the University of Hong Kong in China who have designed tiny robots that are able to rapidly shift between liquid and solid states. These robots could remove objects from the human body or go in and fix electronics.

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Space Junk and Satellites Are a Growing Threat to Astronomy

space junk and satellites are a growing threat to astronomy

There is a growing amount of space debris, space junk, and satellite's orbiting the earth. Will this eventually become a problem that makes astronomy impossible and launching new satellite's difficult?

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Chat GPT is Starting to Automate Work

chat gpt is starting to automate work

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence software. It stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. Essentially, it's a chat "bot" that functions as best as a normal person would given the input queries it receives.

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Scientists Now Deflecting Lightning With Laser Beams

scientists now deflecting lightning with laser beams

We can see a laser beam shooting up into the sky that can apparently deflect lightning strikes, according to a Swiss-based project in what scientists are saying is the most significant advancement in lightning protection since the lightning rod, a Benjamin Franklin invention, from the 18th century.

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