are biometric passwords going to become a thing

There is a company trying to make it so none of us have to use passwords again. I'm up for that, and let's see if they can do it!


There is a company called 1Password that is trying to get it so that none of us have to use passwords again. Users will be able to create and sign in to one password, and they will be able to use accounts with biometric based passkeys.

1Password has announced today that one day soon it will support the option to create and unlock 1Password accounts using a biometric based passkey technology, and this will be nice because it will mean that you won't have to enter a password.

Passkeys are going to have to replace all of your passwords, not just some of your passwords, in order for them to work. This means that this includes the one that you will use to unlock 1Password.

How will this work

There is a drive to adopt passkey technology, and that is founded on the growing security concerns linked to traditional passwords. The reason there is a growing security concern is because of fishing scams which can steal your passwords and compromise your data and allow criminals to access all of your important information.

If you are using Biometrics like face ID or fingerprint scanners to sign in to your 1Password account, the company says that that alone won't replace a password. It's still reliant on the password it's connected to.

A passkey could enable entirely passwordless login technology using public key cryptography which will allow users to replace traditional passwords with their device's own authentication and that would be like a laptop with Windows hello.

Passkeys would provide a greater sense of security than passwords as there is no fixed sequence of characters to steal or compromise, and you won't have information about your cat or your dog or your best friend in your password for people to fish from you

1Password is only provided a vague release window for this summer but I'm looking forward to see what they come up with I would love to use biometric scanning and some technology besides passwords I have so many websites that I have to log into you

What do you think about this technology, would you use it?