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Gordon Moore, Co-founder of Intel and Creator of Moore's Law, Passes Away at 94

gordon moore co founder of intel and creator of moores law passes away at 94

Gordon Moore, a pioneer of Silicon Valley and co-founder of Intel Corporation, has passed away at the age of 94 in Hawaii. Moore was a renowned figure in the semiconductor industry and is known for his prediction that computer processing power would double every year, an insight that became famously known as Moore's Law.

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Intel Continues to Push Computing Limits - Core i9-13900KS Processor for 699

intel continues to push computing limits core i9 13900ks processor for 699

Intel recently pushed computing limits with the 6GHz barrier at stock speeds being broken for the first time. Intel's new Core i9-13900KS uses the 13th Gen Core i9-13900K that came close to the 6GHz barrier with its 5.8GHz turbo frequency last year. This new processor will be available in stores now and start at $699.

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