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Latent Virus, Frozen In Ice For Nearly 50,000 Years, Revived by Scientists

latent virus frozen in ice for nearly 50000 years revived by scientists

A virus, frozen in ice for nearly 50,000 years, was recovered and revived by scientists recently and this raises a number of questions about public health and safety.

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A Virus That Could Destroy Humanity

a virus that could destroy humanity

Could there be a virus that comes that could destroy humanity? So far, no virus like this exists and I'll explain why no virus in the future will end humanity. It could cause a lot of suffering, but it won't end humanity.

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Viral Infections - How to Stop Them or Lessen the Impact

viral infections how to stop them or lessen the impact

Viral infections are among the most common illnesses that humans experience. They are caused by a variety of viruses that can affect different parts of the body, leading to a range of symptoms. Let's explore the nature of viral infections, the factors that contribute to their spread, and the strategies that can be used to prevent and treat these infections.

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Why Herpes Can Be Beneficial To Your Body's Immune System

why herpes can be beneficial to your bodys immune system

Herpes can be good for the immune system, some think, and here's why.

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