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The U.S. Desperately Needs a Good Presidential Candidate: A.I. Could Eventually Be It

the us desperately needs a good presidential candidate ai could eventually be it

The U.S. is up for a presidential re-election soon and the two primary candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, are the two primary front-runners for the position. The U.S. desperately needs a 3rd and better candidate.

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Russian Fighter Takes Out U.S. Drone: Is War Imminent?

russian fighter takes out us drone is war imminent

There are reports of a Russian plane taking out a U.S. drone in the sky. Is this an act of aggression by Russia and is war imminent?

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China Spy Balloon Shot Down off East Coast of United States

china spy balloon shot down off east coast of united states

China's spy balloon was shot down off the east coast of the United States in the Myrtle Beach area, reported multiple news outlets today.

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