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SpaceX Starship Launches and Flies for Four Minutes: Then Explodes

spacex starship launches and flies for four minutes then explodes

This morning, Elon Musk's SpaceX company had its first flight of its giant Starship space rocket, and it flew for four minutes - and then exploded.

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This Small Microbial Alien-Like Creature Can Withstand the Vacuum of Space Itself

this small microbial alien like creature can withstand the vacuum of space itself

A video with a small alien-like creature was seen on Twitter, and it features a microbial alien-like creature that can withstand the vacuum of space itself. What is this creature?

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SpaceX Starship Getting Ready to Carry a Jeep-Sized Rover to the Moon: When Will It Happen?

spacex starship getting ready to carry a jeep sized rover to the moon when will it happen

SpaceX is going to send its enormous reusable rocket, Starship, to the moon in the year 2026. It will carry a jeep-sized rover with it.

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NASA's $12 Million Space Suit

nasas 12 million space suit

NASA is developing new space suits that will accommodate 90% of the available astronauts and be used for the Artemis moon mission. They will cost a cool $12 million a piece and be very functional.

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Asteroid Headed Our Way Could Collide With Earth in 2046

asteroid headed our way could collide with earth in 2046

There is an asteroid in outer space that will come close to the earth in 2046. Does this asteroid pose a threat to us?

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European Space Agency Wants to Beam Energy from Space

european space agency wants to beam energy from space

The European Space Agency (ESA) has announced a new program called Solaris that aims to explore the feasibility of launching solar structures into orbit, harnessing the sun's energy and transmitting it to the ground. If this concept comes to fruition, Solaris could provide always-on space-based solar power and make up 10 to 15 percent of Europe's energy use by the 2030s.

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