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Projections say AI Could Make up to 300 Million Jobs Obsolete

projections say ai could make up to 300 million jobs obsolete

A report by investment bank Goldman Sachs reveals that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to replace the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs.

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Top Jobs at Risk Due to Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT: An In-Depth Analysis

top jobs at risk due to artificial intelligence and chatgpt an in depth analysis

The growing influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced language models like ChatGPT is transforming our lives and professional landscape. While these technologies bring numerous advantages, they also endanger certain job sectors. This comprehensive article explores the occupations most at risk due to AI and ChatGPT's increasing presence in the workforce.

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Tech Salaries in 2023 and a Look Forward to the Future

tech salaries in 2023 and a look forward to the future

As technology continues to evolve and transform industries across the globe, the demand for skilled tech workers has skyrocketed. With more companies investing in technology to stay competitive, it’s no surprise that tech salaries have continued to climb in recent years. In 2023, we can expect to see tech salaries continue to rise as companies compete for top talent.

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Layoff Report and Roundup, March 2023

layoff report and roundup march 2023

Economic data released on Wednesday shed light on the current state of the labor market. Reports from ADP and the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed robust hiring at the beginning of the year. However, the BLS also reported that layoffs surged and job openings declined in January. These signs of a cool-off are concerning and indicate that the labor market may be losing momentum.

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Redundant Tech Workers Find New Opportunities in Automotive Industry

redundant tech workers find new opportunities in automotive industry

Tens of thousands of tech workers have lost their jobs in the first month of the year, but the auto industry has yet to announce major layoffs. Ford and GM are among the automakers that have avoided widespread job cuts, despite some localized cuts, such as the 3,200 job cuts planned by Ford in Europe.

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Despire Big Tech Layoffs, Cybersecurity is in Strong Demand

despire big tech layoffs cybersecurity is in strong demand

According to CyberSeek, there were about 750000 cyber-security job openings as of January 27, 2023.

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IBM and SAP Announce Mass Layoffs

ibm and sap announce mass layoffs

Well it's another brutal day in the tech sector as two giant tech companies - IBM and SAP have announced mass layoffs.

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Are Tech CEOs Overpaid? A Critical Analysis...

are tech ceos overpaid a critical analysis

Recently, there has been a growing concern over the high levels of executive compensation at tech companies. While some of these companies have seen tremendous growth and success, their CEOs have been rewarded with sky high salaries, bonuses, and stock options. This has led many to ask if these executives are worth the high levels of compensation they receive.

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How to Survive in the Tech Industry, 2023 Edition

how to survive in the tech industry 2023 edition

I recently had someone reach out to me for help getting a job with the tech industry. They are a skilled developer with database, backend and frontend experience. They were slightly overwhelmed at the current tech market, and rightfully so. Big tech such as Meta, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have all had mass layoffs, among others.

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