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Microsoft is a large tech company that is known for Windows, Azure Cloud, XBox and more. Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen April 4, 1975.

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Microsoft-Activision $69bn Deal: Temporary Roadblock Imposed by US Court

microsoft activision 69bn deal temporary roadblock imposed by us court

A US judge has approved a temporary injunction brought forth by regulatory authorities, halting Microsoft's significant $69bn (£56bn) acquisition of Activision Blizzard. This temporary restraining order, as the court states, is a necessary action to "maintain the status quo while the complaint is pending". Antitrust Concerns Raised by the FTC

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ChatGPT to get Internet Access this Week of May 15th

chatgpt to get internet access this week of may 15th

Renowned artificial intelligence (AI) model, ChatGPT, continues its relentless progress, now promising to incorporate a cutting-edge web browsing capability. This highly-anticipated upgrade is just one of many that OpenAI is set to introduce for the popular AI chatbot.

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Deal for Microsoft to Buy Blizzard Activision Is Finally Approved by the EC

deal for microsoft to buy blizzard activision is finally approved by the ec

The European Commission (EC) has approved Microsoft's proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard, subject to certain conditions. The deal, which is valued at $68.7 billion, would make Microsoft the third-largest gaming company in the world.

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ChatGPT's Code Interpreter Plugin: Redefining AI Technology beyond GPT-4

chatgpts code interpreter plugin redefining ai technology beyond gpt 4

ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot, has been making waves since its launch in November 2022. It is powered by OpenAI's highly potent large language model, GPT-4. With its super abilities, ChatGPT has set off an AI race among the biggest tech companies in the world. Even as tech giants scramble to create the most innovative AI technology, developers around the world are exploring new ways to use ChatGPT.

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Microsoft Edge to Force Outlook and Teams to Open Links in Edge

microsoft edge to force outlook and teams to open links in edge

Microsoft is forcing Outlook and Teams to open links in Edge, even if the user's default browser is something else. This change is being made to all users of Microsoft 365, including those who have already installed Edge.

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Activision Blizzard's Acquisition by Microsoft for $69 Billion Blocked by U.K.

activision blizzards acquisition by microsoft for 69 billion blocked by uk

On Wednesday, British regulators announced the blocking of Microsoft's all-cash purchase of video game maker Activision Blizzard, valued at $69 billion. This move thwarts the largest tech deal in history over worries that it would stifle competition in the fast-growing cloud gaming market.

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Samsung Considering Switching to Bing Search Engine as Default on Android Devices

samsung considering switching to bing search engine as default on android devices

The integration of AI chatbots into search engines has put Bing Chat in the spotlight, offering more personalized and helpful responses compared to Google Search. While Google has been slow to respond with its Google Bard service and Magi project, Samsung is considering using Bing as its default search engine in future smartphones and tablets.

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Microsoft Settles With Its Sanctions Violations

microsoft settles with its sanctions violations

Microsoft reached a settlement over its violations of sanctions and export controls, which it disclosed without resistance, to the government, Microsoft said today. The amount is $3 million for more than 1,300 apparent sanctions violations in relation to restrictions on Cuba, Iran, Syria, and Russia. This was said by the U.S. Treasury Department.

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ChatGPT is Banned in Italy Because of Privacy Concerns

chatgpt is banned in italy because of privacy concerns

Italy has become the first Western country to block advanced chatbot ChatGPT, citing privacy concerns. The Italian data-protection authority announced the ban and launched an investigation into OpenAI, the US start-up that created the chatbot and is backed by Microsoft.

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The AI War: Bing -vs- Bard -vs- Elon Musk (Tesla)

the ai war bing vs bard vs elon musk tesla

There is a 3-way AI war going on right now, and it is a race to create artificial general intelligence. The first to get there will have a distinct advantage. Here are the 3 primary players.

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Elon Musk Donated $100 Million To OpenAI: Now It is Owned By Microsoft

elon musk donated 100 million to openai now it is owned by microsoft

Elon Musk donated $100 million to OpenAI a number of years ago, but has no ownership or control. It was purely a non-profit back then. Times have changed and OpenAI is largely owned by Microsoft now and changed to a $30 billion for profit company with ChatGPT as its main product.

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Microsoft Offers 2021 Office for $49.99 Lifetime Use: Pay Once

microsoft offers 2021 office for 4999 lifetime use pay once

Microsoft is offering its 2021 Office Pro suite of applications, such as Word and Excel, for a lifetime price of $49.99. Pay once and get them forever. I think this is a good move, as monthly and yearly fees are a big turn-off for software applications.

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Microsoft Builds Dream AI Assitant: Years In the Making

microsoft builds dream ai assitant years in the making

Microsoft has a new AI-powered Copilot, which can summarize a meeting. Microsoft has demoed the future of work for years with a concept about these virtual assistant, but now it has Copilot and this is the closest thing to Microsoft realizing this vision.

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ChatGPT Comes to Office 365

chatgpt comes to office 365

The technology behind ChatGPT, a widely-discussed AI system, is being incorporated into Microsoft 365, the world's most prevalent work software. Microsoft has named this new feature "Copilot" and plans to embed it into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

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Windows 12 to be Powered by AI

windows 12 to be powered by ai

There are reports that both Intel and Microsoft are preparing for the release of Windows 12, an as-yet-unannounced operating system. Hardware leaker @leaf_hobby has published details about Intel's Meteor Lake desktop platform, which reportedly mentions internally that its next-generation CPUs will support Windows 12.

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New Phone Link App Feature Allows PC Users to Access iMessage through Microsoft

new phone link app feature allows pc users to access imessage through microsoft

Microsoft has announced that its Phone Link app will now allow iPhone users to access iMessage on their Windows laptops or PCs. The update will enable iPhone users to send and receive messages via iMessage, make and receive calls, and view their phone's notifications within Windows 11. The preview of the updated app is available for Windows Insiders.

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Microsoft Inks Deal With Nintendo - Call of Duty Coming to the Switch

microsoft inks deal with nintendo call of duty coming to the switch

Microsoft has inked a deal with Nintendo to have its games be available on the Nintendo platform. That means Call of Duty is coming to the Switch.

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Microsoft to Support Windows 11 Running on MacBook Pro M1 Processor with Parallels

microsoft to support windows 11 running on macbook pro m1 processor with parallels

Microsoft has announced a new way to run Windows 11 on ARM-based Macs, however, there are some limitations to this approach. In this support article, Microsoft has authorized the use of Parallels Desktop 18 to run the ARM versions of Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise on M1 and M2-based Macs.

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The speed and quality of the new Bing are beyond my expectations

the speed and quality of the new bing are beyond my expectations

Microsoft's new AI-powered Bing has been available to a small portion of the public for about a week now. In this article, we provide early thoughts on New Bing, details on how to get early access, its speed compared to ChatGPT, first-hand experience with indexing speed, along with its ability to compete with Google.

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AI Is Coming to your Google and Bing Search - How It Will Make Them Better

ai is coming to your google and bing search how it will make them better

AI is coming, and it's going to help power Bing and Google. Here's how it will help.

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Microsoft to Release ChatGPT For Other Companies To Use

microsoft to release chatgpt for other companies to use

Microsoft is opening up its ChatGPT technology for other companies to use for their own chatbots. Companies will be able to use their own branding. Microsoft is also incorporating this in their Bing and Edge products.

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Microsoft to Enable Firms to Develop Custom Variations of ChatGPT

microsoft to enable firms to develop custom variations of chatgpt

Microsoft is set to release technology that allows companies, schools, and governments to create their own chatbots similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT. The move is part of Microsoft's plan to capitalize on the recent popularity of ChatGPT, which has quickly become a hit with over 100 million monthly active users.

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Microsoft Deploys ChatGPT Technology to Bing Search Engine

microsoft deploys chatgpt technology to bing search engine

Microsoft announced on Tuesday a revamp of its Bing search engine and Edge web browser powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The update comes weeks after Microsoft confirmed plans to invest billions in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT.

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Microsoft Outlook and Teams Suffered Major Outage Today

microsoft outlook and teams suffered major outage today

Microsoft had a rough day when both Outlook and Teams services were completely disrupted. This was a world-wide outage where only China was spared.

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Microsoft Extending OpenAI Partnership - Billions Being Invested

microsoft extending openai partnership billions being invested

Microsoft is continuing to push its investment in OpenAI and, in particular, the chatbot, Chat GPT3. Microsoft seeks to become openAI's exclusive cloud provider as it does so.

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An Analysis of Azure Cosmos Postgresql

an analysis of azure cosmos postgresql

In October of 2022, Microsoft Azure released Cosmos Postgresql, a distributed relational database. This competes directly with AWS (Amazon) serverless Postgresql which also allows an autoscaling solution that can span multiple nodes.

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Big Layoffs at Microsoft

big layoffs at microsoft

Microsoft announced a huge layoff today, cutting 10000 positions. Satya Nadella said that Microsoft had been impacted by changes in the global economy.

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Microsoft Invests Big in Open AI

Microsoft invests big in Open AI

Microsoft plans to invest $10 billion in OpenAI, the startup behind popular artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT, according to a report from Semafor.

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