the speed and quality of the new bing are beyond my expectations

Microsoft's new AI-powered Bing has been available to a small portion of the public for about a week now. In this article, we provide early thoughts on New Bing, details on how to get early access, its speed compared to ChatGPT, first-hand experience with indexing speed, along with its ability to compete with Google.

How to Get Early Access to New Bing

To gain early access to New Bing, you can download Edge and install the mobile app. However, these steps may not be enough. According to Brodie Clark, a high number of Microsoft Rewards points (above 500 pts) appears to be a determining factor in gaining early access to the preview version.

New Bing is 2x Faster than ChatGPT</h3>

Microsoft Engineer Dominic Nguyen confirms that New Bing's caching of responses enables chat results that are at least twice as fast compared to ChatGPT. This speed increase represents a significant upgrade to New Bing, which is beneficial to users.

New Bing Indexing Speed is Very Fast

New Bing has a unique ability to crawl content published on social media profiles, a dimension of the web that hasn't historically been presented well in search outside of standard web search listings. During Brodie Clark's testing, New Bing indexed his new blog article within an hour of publishing it. This is a significantly faster indexing speed compared to Google.

New Bing's Ability to Compete with Google

While there have been major concerns regarding the accuracy of New Bing, its ability to index new content on the web and present it within their chat feature is impressive. The speed of answer generation, as well as its ability to interpret information and produce relevant answers, is encouraging. However, there is still room for improvement.


New Bing's speed and ability to index new content on the web is impressive. While it still has a long way to go in terms of competing with Google, it's a promising start for the search engine.