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The Mystery of the Strange Lights Over Sacramento Has Been Solved

the mystery of the strange lights over sacramento has been solved

There were some strange lights over Sacramento recently that had many people puzzled. Fortunately, the mystery has been solved.

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NASA's $12 Million Space Suit

nasas 12 million space suit

NASA is developing new space suits that will accommodate 90% of the available astronauts and be used for the Artemis moon mission. They will cost a cool $12 million a piece and be very functional.

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Scientists Discover Enormous Water Cloud in Space

scientists discover enormous water cloud in space

Astronomers have been studying the formation of a distant star and discovered a giant cloud of water in space. The water is like the regular water we have here on earth, and it is also like heavy water - where one of the hydrogen atoms has been replaced by deuterium. This could offer new insights into water for our solar system.

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Asteroid Headed Our Way Could Collide With Earth in 2046

asteroid headed our way could collide with earth in 2046

There is an asteroid in outer space that will come close to the earth in 2046. Does this asteroid pose a threat to us?

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There is a Massive Planet In Space - That Should NOT Exist

there is a massive planet in space that should not exist

There is a massive planet in outer space that should not exist - it defies our theories of planetary formation and orbits a quiet small star. Its name is TOI-5205b.

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Part of the Sun Just Broke Off

part of the sun just broke off

Part of the sun just broke off in a wild vortex explosion, and we have all the details.

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