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Elon Musk Aleged to Owe 500 Million Dollars in Twitter Severance

elon musk aleged to owe 500 million dollars in twitter severance

Courtney McMillian, the former "head of total rewards" at Twitter, has filed a class-action lawsuit against the company, claiming that it has failed to pay approximately $500 million in severance pay owed to former employees. The allegations shed light on Twitter's handling of the severance plan and the actions of Elon Musk, the owner of the social media giant.

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Twitter vs Meta: The Battle Over Threads

twitter vs meta the battle over threads

In a recent development, Twitter has threatened to take legal action against Meta over its rapidly growing rival app, Threads. The Controversy

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Meta's Threads App: A Potential Game Changer in the Twitter Rivalry

metas threads app a potential game changer in the twitter rivalry

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is set to launch its latest app, Threads, in a bid to compete with Twitter. Scheduled to go live on Thursday, the app has already garnered attention and is available for pre-order on the Apple App Store. Threads will be integrated with Instagram, presenting a direct challenge to Twitter's dominance in the social media landscape. This move marks the ongoing rivalry between Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter owner Elon Musk. In this article, we explore the features of Threads and predict its potential for success as a formidable alternative to Twitter.

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Twitter Rate Limits Continue to Confuse Users

twitter rate limits continue to confuse users

Twitter users are experiencing ongoing confusion following the introduction of post limits by owner Elon Musk. The billionaire implemented these "temporary measures" to address the extensive data scraping taking place on the platform. Initially, the limits were increased over the weekend after their initial implementation.

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Meta Plans to Create Twitter Rival

meta plans to create twitter rival

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is reportedly planning to create a text-based social network that will compete with Twitter. The new platform, which is code-named "P92," is still in development, but it is expected to launch soon.

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Twitter Spaces Overwhelmed: Florida Governor DeSantis' Announcement Strains Platform Amid Systemic Issues

twitter spaces overwhelmed florida governor desantis announcement strains platform amid systemic issues

Yesterday, Twitter's live streaming event, which was set to feature Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' presidential bid announcement, was met with unexpected disruption. The platform faced significant technical issues, causing the event to crash as hundreds of thousands of users enthusiastically logged on to hear DeSantis declare his intentions for the White House.

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Linda Yaccarino Takes the Reins as Twitter CEO, Announces Elon Musk

linda yaccarino takes the reins as twitter ceo announces elon musk

Elon Musk, the controversial billionaire who took over Twitter a little over six months ago, has announced the appointment of a new CEO for the social media company. Linda Yaccarino, the erstwhile head of advertising at NBCUniversal, is set to guide Twitter's business operations amidst ongoing financial struggles. Yaccarino is expected to assume her new role in six weeks.

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Will Twitter Make Its Own TV Channel, Run By AI?

will twitter make its own tv channel run by ai

Someone made a statement about Twitter making its own TV station that is run by AI and that by doing so, Twitter will put legacy media out of business forever.

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Elon Musk Forms X.com - the Everything App: Twitter Now Under It

elon musk forms xcom the everything app twitter now under it

There is not an app that is as good as WeChat in China. It's a good app that lets you do payments and other things. In the U.S., there isn't such an app, so Elon Musk has decided to basically copy WeChat for the U.S. and have that be x.com.

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Twitter Rolls Feature For People To Subscribe To Your Twitter Account

twitter rolls feature for people to subscribe to your twitter account

Twitter released a feature today that lets you charge a monthly fee for your followers to subscribe to your account. This lets you offer special features or content to specific people only.

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Twitter Has 81 Percent Less Employees: 1,500 Now, Down From About 7,800

twitter has 81 percent less employees 1500 now down from about 7800

Twitter now has about 1,500 employees, which is an 81% drop from last October when Elon Musk took over the company. Elon Musk has said that Twitter will break even this quarter.

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Historic BBC Interview With Elon Musk and 2 Million Listeners Takes Place on Twitter Spaces

historic bbc interview with elon musk and 2 million listeners takes place on twitter spaces

In a Twitter Spaces with Elon Musk, there was an interview done with BBC and one of the primary discussions was about misinformation and hateful content on Twitter.

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New York Times Loses Twitter Verification

new york times loses twitter verification

Twitter removes verification badges from accounts that don't pay for subscription

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Twitter Source Code Leaked, Another Giant Headache for Musk

twitter source code leaked another giant headache for musk

GitHub takes down repository containing Twitter’s proprietary source code

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Twitter Thread Tries to get Elon Musk and AOC to Date

twitter thread tries to get elon musk and aoc to date

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, and AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), a U.S. representative, have had quite a stir on Twitter over the last year. Lately, there are those trying to get these two together to date. Elon Musk said AOC wouldn't think he's cool enough.

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Twitter Employee Asks Elon Musk if they have been Fired

twitter employee asks elon musk if they have been fired

Twitter employee Halli Thorleifsson asked Elon Musk if they had been fired when they opened their laptop one day seeing a gray lock screen.

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Twitter Dealing with Media Issues

twitter dealing with media issues

Twitter dealt with several hours of severe issues where images and videos were not loading. Those problems appear to be resolved now.

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Esther Crawford (Head of Twitter Blue) is Fired

esther crawford head of twitter blue is fired

Twitter’s product manager Esther Crawford is no longer working at the company after another wave of layoffs. Zoë Schiffer, a reporter for Platformer, was the first to report the news. Crawford was responsible for various projects at Twitter, including the Blue with verification subscription and the company’s upcoming payments platform.

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Twitter To Move Away From SMS 2Factor Authentication - Costs Them $60 Million Per Year in Scams

twitter to move away from sms 2factor authentication costs them 60 million per year in scams

Twitter is moving away from 2-factor authentication using SMS, according to Elon Musk. He says Twitter loses $60 million per year due to being scammed with it.

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Twitter Experiences Service Issues - Told to Slow Down By Elon Musk

twitter experiences service issues told to slow down by elon musk

Twitter implemented a policy that will not let a user Tweet more than 2,400 times a day. However, many are reporting that they can't Tweet well below that number.

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Twitter to Require Payment for all API Usage Starting February 9, 2023

twitter to require payment for all api usage starting february 9 2023

Twitter announced in a tweet that all API usage will require a paid account starting February 9th, 2023.

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Twitter Bans all Third Party Apps

twitter bans all third party apps

On January 19th, 2023 Twitter announced that all 3rd party apps were officially banned.

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Twitter Now Offers a Blue Check Mark for 1 Year Subscriptions At $84

twitter now offers a blue check mark for 1 year subscriptions at 84

If you pay monthly, a blue check mark at Twitter costs $96. You can now pay for a year and pay only $84.

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Laid Off Twitter Employees Must Drop Class Action Lawsuit

laid off twitter employees must drop class action lawsuit

A group of laid-off Twitter employees are trying to sue Twitter, but a judge ordered them to drop their class action lawsuit, which accused Twitter of not following through on its severance pay package promise. This was reported earlier by Bloomberg and Reuters.

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