historic bbc interview with elon musk and 2 million listeners takes place on twitter spaces

In a Twitter Spaces with Elon Musk, there was an interview done with BBC and one of the primary discussions was about misinformation and hateful content on Twitter.

The interviewer from BBC was arguing that there is a rise in hate speech and content of that nature since Elon Musk took over about 6 months ago. Elon Musk asked for one example of this and the interviewer wasn't able to give an example. Elon Musk responded saying that was absurd.

Twitter users had many things to say about this conversation, but here is a 4-minute highlight:

One user said:

He refused to engage with Elon as a person and kept hiding behind his journalist credentials and contradicted himself claiming he's seen an increase in hate speech, but then he doesn't use Twitter and that he's heard it from others and was an embarrassment.

Another said that he got a lot of joy out of listening to this as a British taxpayer. Elon Musk's takedown of state funded BBC is like honey from the heavens, and he wants more of this.

Another said that this was, as some people say, words that instantly reveal how inept a journalist is and every title he got to see he ignores because he knows it's not a quantitative report.

I think it was good that BBC interviewed Elon Musk on Twitter, and it was a real time discussion. 2 million people is a lot, and people are going to go where the news is happening. I'm looking forward to more real time debates on Twitter or any platform that allows for an open discussion.

What did you think of this interview?