twitter experiences service issues told to slow down by elon musk

Twitter implemented a policy that will not let a user Tweet more than 2,400 times a day. However, many are reporting that they can't Tweet well below that number.

Twitter Issues

I've had a number of issues using Twitter today. First off, I can't follow anyone, and I'm only following 30 people. I get an error message at the bottom of the screen that says I'm unable to follow new people.

There are other issues going on with Twitter, such as people not being able to Tweet. Twitter recently implemented a 2,400 per day limit on Tweets, but it appears that many people aren't able to Tweet well below that number of times.

I think this was done to combat spam and bots getting out of control. However, it is having repercussions to other users. Elon Musk wants Twitter to move fast, but moving fast comes with a price - stuff can break.

In fact, Elon Musk told all the Twitter employees to focus on sight stability with the Super Bowl coming up. This is a smart move, and it's ok to slow down when development is moving a little too fast.

Other Issues

There are other issues with Twitter and policies that are implemented. For example, you cannot send more than 500 direct messages per day, and you can follow only 400 accounts per day.

Apparently there has been aggressive behavior and that needs to be curtailed.

Twitter is also limiting the number of accounts you can follow to 5,000.

Twitter Blue subscribers in the U.S. has a character limit bumped up from 128 to 4,000.

Twitter has not responded to requests for communication at this time to explain any of this.

Will Twitter get back online and working in time for the Super Bowl? Do you use Twitter?