twitter source code leaked another giant headache for musk

GitHub takes down repository containing Twitter’s proprietary source code

GitHub has removed a repository belonging to “FreeSpeechEnthusiast” after Twitter filed a DCMA takedown request, asking the code-hosting site to take down the code and help it identify the person responsible. The username is believed to be a jab at Twitter owner Elon Musk, who has often claimed to be a “free speech absolutist”. It is unclear how long the code was available on GitHub or what part of Twitter’s source code was leaked.

Twitter may be concerned about copies of its code not uploaded to GitHub, as an internal investigation revealed that the people responsible for the leak left the company last year. According to a report in The New York Times, the social network’s executives only recently learned of the leak.

Elon Musk’s radical steps to cut costs at Twitter

Musk has been implementing measures to cut costs at Twitter, including mass layoffs and the relaunch of a new subscription program that includes verification as one of the benefits. According to analytics firm Sensor Tower, Twitter has generated $11 million from the new service.

Musk recently stated that Twitter’s user time is poorly monetized, with 120 to 130 million hours of human attention per day on the platform. He went on to suggest that Twitter could be worth $250 billion one day.


Twitter has been experiencing a tumultuous time since Musk took over, and it remains to be seen how the leak of its proprietary source code will impact the company. The social network’s executives will undoubtedly be concerned about any further leaks of its code that may have occurred.

Source: TechChrunch