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South Korea tech giant that makes all kinds of gadgets

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Samsung Has a 49 Inch Curved Monitor For Gaming - And It's Incredible

samsung has a 49 inch curved monitor for gaming and its incredible

Samsung has released its 49-inch Odyssey OLED G9 monitor that is curved for gaming. Here's the scoop on what makes this great, but there is a catch - it's pricey.

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Samsung Considering Switching to Bing Search Engine as Default on Android Devices

samsung considering switching to bing search engine as default on android devices

The integration of AI chatbots into search engines has put Bing Chat in the spotlight, offering more personalized and helpful responses compared to Google Search. While Google has been slow to respond with its Google Bard service and Magi project, Samsung is considering using Bing as its default search engine in future smartphones and tablets.

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