samsung considering switching to bing search engine as default on android devices

The integration of AI chatbots into search engines has put Bing Chat in the spotlight, offering more personalized and helpful responses compared to Google Search. While Google has been slow to respond with its Google Bard service and Magi project, Samsung is considering using Bing as its default search engine in future smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft integrated the AI technology of ChatGPT into its search engine to create Bing Chat. Despite being imperfect, Bing Chat has quickly become one of the top chatbots on the market. On the other hand, Google's Google Bard service rollout and performance have both been less than impressive, and the company is now working on the Magi project to improve its AI chatbot features and conversational capabilities.

Samsung Considers Bing as Default Search Engine

The New York Times reported that Samsung is considering replacing Google with Bing as the default search engine in future smartphones and tablets, primarily due to Bing's AI advancements. Existing Samsung phones will likely continue to feature Google Search as the default search engine. However, future ones may ship with Bing preinstalled instead of Google. Users can still download Google apps such as Google Chrome and Google Search from the Play Store if they want, but Bing would be available right out of the box.

The Future of Search Engines

Google's grip on search engines may finally be starting to slip with Samsung considering Bing as an alternative default search engine. Although Google isn't going anywhere anytime soon, this move is significant news in the industry. The report doesn't go into detail about whether Samsung is in deep talks with Microsoft or just lightly tossing around the idea. However, the fact that Samsung is considering this move is noteworthy.