chat gpt is being used in abusive ways here are some of them

ChatGPT is making headlines these days, and it has a lot of useful and creative purposes. But, there is a dark side to it. Here's some harmful ways people are using ChatGPT...

1: Malware and Viruses

ChatGPT can create malware and that is scary. ChatGPT can do it endlessly. AI doesn't need to rest or sleep. There was an article written in Infosecurity Magazine that stated cybersecurity researchers were able to create a polymorphic program that is highly elusive and difficult to detect.

Researchers could use the app to create the code for malware and then use the app to create multiple variations on the code, which would make it hard to detect or stop. It's like a mutating virus over and over...

2: Cheating on Tests for School

This is an obvious and predictable use for ChatGPT - cheating on school tests. A tool that can write text about anything is the perfect cheat buddy - and kids love to cheat in school. Professors have said they've caught students in the act while at school and have banned the app. It is hard to see this stopping anytime soon...

3: Broad Messaging in Dating Apps

ChatGPT can be used to message spam on dating apps to try and get more matches with Tinder. AI is taking over most of the conversation. That in and of itself may not be scary, but it is pretty unsettling to think you could be chatting with computer code instead of someone else.

4: Stealing Jobs From Writers

It is true that ChatGPT can do a very good job writing. I have asked ChatGPT to write me short stories and poems, and it does a good job rhyming and making it interesting. Will writers lose their job due to this technology? Hopefully not...

5: Scamming, Phishing, and Social Engineering

Knowing the difference between a human or some kind of scam is getting more difficult. What is legitimate and what is not? Phishing messages are usually easy to spot because the language in them doesn't make sense. ChatGPT can fix all that will perfect grammar. Experts say that this is a very clear use for the app.

There was a real scam email that was taken and put through ChatGPT to fix it, and ChatGPT fixed it in seconds, making it look like a real email. Scammers are going to make heavy use of ChatGPT to appear legitimate.

6: To Trick Job Recruiters

Job interviews can be tough, so it's no surprise that people are using ChatGPT to assist with coding interviews or other questions they are getting asked remotely. It's as simple as having ChatGPT on another screen and simply typing its answer to a question you have.

There was a report written by a consultancy firm that said job applications that were written by ChatGPT beat out 80 percent of humans. You can see how ChatGPT would hit all the keywords for recruiters to catch their attention in order to pass through the filters set out by the software of HR.

Things like honesty, integrity, and putting in an honest day of work are going to prove more valuable as time goes on.

What do you think of these abuses of ChatGPT? Is there going to be regulation around this?