chatgpt has investors willing to pay a hefty sum

ChatGPT has been making quite a number of headlines lately with its ability to write articles and snippets of code. Is it going to one day replace human programmers and bloggers? Or will it fizzle out. Investors are betting on the former.

Microsoft and ChatGPT</strong>

Microsoft is reported to be willing to invest up to $10 billion in OpenAI in the hopes that ChatGPT and other services will be able to do customer support and help for its software. What other products can be built on the technology?

ChatGPT is an ingenious solution to working on something that can pass the Turing Test. It is the chat bot from OpenAI and we wonder, how much is this worth? Microsoft, apparently, thinks it is worth $10 billion and has added that on top of an already $1 billion commitment to the technology.

OpenAI has built several impressive demos of their technology. There is an autocomplete function for coders, which is offered by Microsoft's Github. So far, OpenAI hasn't created a product that is earning a ton of money.

What Will ChatGPT Be Good At?

Like Facebook in its early days, nobody really knows what ChatGPT is yet. It's being used for certain things for sure, but none of them is making OpenAI money.

It's like the early days of the Internet when everyone was trying to figure out what could be done profitably. ChatGPT was released in December, 2022 and it definitely took the Internet by storm. My Twitter feed has been abuzz with references to ChatGPT.

Developers have taken advantage of this using it for code snippets and to create a spreadsheet assistant that was capable of performing complex calculations.

It will be interesting to see what products can be created with ChatGPT that will make money. That's what really matters if it is going to be kept alive. What products do you think it will be used for?