microsoft to release chatgpt for other companies to use

Microsoft is opening up its ChatGPT technology for other companies to use for their own chatbots. Companies will be able to use their own branding. Microsoft is also incorporating this in their Bing and Edge products.

ChatGPT Being Offered As a Service

With CNBC learning about Microsoft releasing its chat GPT to other companies, this is going to give other companies great opportunities to utilize the artificial intelligence software.

Two months have passed since OpenAI released chat GPT to the public, it has become a hit, and it has the ability to spit out comments and information in a variety of styles. There are analysts who expect it to reach 100 million monthly users, which is approaching the video sharing app TikTok

Microsoft is looking to capitalize on these 100 million users by providing this service for other companies to use, and it is also seeking to integrate this technology into Bing and Edge, two of its main products.

When it comes to other companies using ChatGPT Microsoft imagines that these companies will be able to launch their own chatbots and that they would be able to brand them exactly how they want.

Currently, ChatGPT cannot provide answers about anything that happened after 2021 because it hasn't been trained on recent information. For the future, Microsoft intends for the chatbots launched with its business ChatGPT service to contain real-time information.

Citations and Expenses

Another thing the service will do is provide citations to specific resources, and this is something ChatGPT needs to start doing right now because nobody knows where the information is coming from.

Chat GPT has been very expensive for OpenAI to operate, and each chat probably costs single digit cents according to CEO Sam Altman and a December tweet that suggested serving chats to 100 million people a month can cost millions of dollars

Microsoft has the cloud infrastructure to be able to run chat GPT and serve many different customers, so it will be interesting to see how much it costs Microsoft and how much money they get from the company's using it. Can Microsoft make a profit?

Microsoft wants to give customers ways to upload their own data and to refine their own chatbots and do their own branding, and it intends to let customers replace the Microsoft and OpenAI branding with their own.

Microsoft has not responded for comment.

What do you think about ChatGPT being allowed to be used by other companies? Is this a good thing?