chatgpt isnt the leader in artificial intelligence this company is

ChatGPT and OpenAI are getting all the attention when it comes to artificial intelligence. But this one company is ahead of them.

Two Forms of Artificial Intelligence

There are two primary forms of artificial intelligence. The first form is what ChatGPT is - a computer interface that is trained on language and data and responds back with that language and data. You can think of this like trying to talk to a person.

The second form of artificial intelligence is perception based and understands object recognition in the real world. Any company that is building robots or cars that are self-driving is trying to develop this technology.

Both of these forms of artificial intelligence are useful. ChatGPT will help with customer support and getting information as quickly and accurately as possible. Perception of the real world is important for any kind of autonomous software, whether it be in a car, drone, plane, or something else.

There is one company that is beyond OpenAI and ChatGPT that is working on real work AI that will perceive the world around it. It has implications when it comes to autonomous transport.

The Most Important Thing In Artificial Intelligence

Cathy Wood is happy with ChatGPT and how it has captured the imagination of hundreds of millions of people. She sees AI delivering gains in productivity and pointed to Facebook as a technology that could drive this efficiency.

ChatGPT can do a variety of tasks from writing stories, writing layoff emails, and even sending dating app messages. And ChatGPT is just getting started - it will get updated with more up-to-date information.

There are hidden gems when it comes to artificial intelligence, however, and this is a winner-take-most opportunity. She says there is a company working on autonomous software that is in a position to be a winner take most. The company with the most data and best processing and gathering of that data will have the biggest lead in AI.

Tesla and the cancer diagnostics company Exact Sciences are two companies that are far ahead in AI. Tesla has the largest collection of real-world driving data, which gives it an edge in artificial intelligence and allows it to lead the pack in autonomous driving services, according to Cathy Wood.

Exact Sciences possesses the most data in the oncology molecular diagnostic testing space, and it is applying this data to artificial intelligence to that data to help detect cancer in stage 1.

Do you see any other companies leading in AI besides Tesla and Exact Sciences?