the ai war bing vs bard vs elon musk tesla

There is a 3-way AI war going on right now, and it is a race to create artificial general intelligence. The first to get there will have a distinct advantage. Here are the 3 primary players.

OpenAI (Microsoft)

OpenAI is now a for-profit company, and it is currently majority owned by Microsoft. This version of AI is considered censored or "woke" in that it will filter its results with a heavy bias.

The goal of OpenAI is to integrate with all apps used on the web and to allow other people to develop applications without having the knowledge of coding.

The advantage of this is that there will be quick iteration on ideas. The disadvantage will be that there will likely be bias toward censorship and "wokeness", which will reduce free speech.

Bard (Google)

Google's AI, Bard, is integrated into its search and is like a super search assistant. I see this AI being less filtered than OpenAI as it uses all sources from the web for its information and will continue to rank information similarly to PageRank.

Google Bard will be a natural language processor, and it will seek to integrate into Google Search, which uses information on the web to help people get what they need.

The advantage of Google Bard is that it uses Google technology, and Google is the king of search. Google Bard will be better, eventually, at finding information than OpenAI.

Elon Musk (Tesla)

Elon Musk has expressed great concern with the rapid advancement of AI and the fact that OpenAI is now for-profit. This appears to be a runaway train that isn't stopping.

Tesla is working on self-driving software as well as a humanoid robot that can understand the real world around it. So far, I think Tesla is in the lead with self-driving technology because they have the largest and best dataset using their safety score to capture data from exceptionally safe drivers.

The AI from Tesla will likely be a direct counter to OpenAI in order to not censor and allow free speech. It will take on the characteristics of Elon Musk.

The advantage of Tesla AI is that it won't be censored, and it will be useful in the real world. The disadvantage is that Tesla is controlled largely by Elon Musk, who is just one person. This lacks a backup plan in case something happens to Elon.

Which of these AI's will come out on top? Or, will they all co-exist and work together? Will they fill different needs?