elon musk and others petition to slow down artificial intelligence development

Elon Musk and others have signed a petition to slow down the development of artificial intelligence in fears that an AGI (artificial general intelligence) will develop and be uncontrollable.

AI systems with human-competitive intelligence can pose profound risks to society and humanity, as shown by extensive research and acknowledge by top AI labs.

Massive Development on AI Front

A pause on artificial intelligence is being asked, as the risks to society are many and should be managed with care. Elon Musk believes that others will not do this and heed this warning.

The petition asks other AI companies to wait for 6 months. I doubt this is going to happen. People are motivated to create, and the financial gain is there.

The ability of a computer to go faster than a human can go is increasing faster and faster and will eventually dwarf are capabilities.

Dire Warning

This type of dire warning is unprecedented. The smartest people in the world, like Elon Musk and others, are sharing their concerns about the risk of AI going rogue and doing things we don't or can't expect.

To pause for 6 months and focus solely on regulation and how to create an AI that is for the benefit of humanity is important. AI is going to have profound implications, and we should move slowly and not fast.

The Genie Is Out of the Bottle

The genie is out of the bottle in this case. The systems and software exist to create AI and programs like ChatGPT. This code is not going away unless the earth is obliterated by an asteroid or some other extinction event.

Computers are at the point now where they are thinking and using neural nets. This is the time they are getting human-like. Humans have neural nets - our brains - that help us make decisions base on our own experience. Computers are now doing the same.


I believe we do need to slow down in AI development, but it isn't likely going to happen. AI is going to be like a genie getting out of a bottle, and we will have to see how it goes...

What do you think should happen with AI?