this brain implant lets you use social media and control a computer with your mind

Scientists have developed a tiny brain implant. This brain implant is smaller than a human hair. And... this brain implant lets people control a computer with your mind. No longer will you need to hold your phone in front of your face - you can just simply think with your mind and watch your computer do things.

Human Brain to Computer Interface

Elon Musk is working on Neuralink, but he isn't the only one trying to make a brain to computer interface. This chip here is developed by Precision Neuroscience and works along similar principles of Neuralink. In this case, the Precision chip sits on the brain instead of in the tissue.

In order to get the chip on the brain, a thin slit is cut in the human skull and the chip is slid through it until it sits on a person's brain. This has made the process of implanting the device less invasive. Anytime you are getting your head cut open, you better hope the process isn't too invasive.

What's good about this is that the main purpose of this chip from Precision is to allow people who suffer from disabilities or paralysis to have the opportunity to use computers and communicate.

This allows someone who could not otherwise interact with anyone the chance to access technology and a computer without a keyboard or mouse. It's intended for those people, but anyone who got the device could use their brain to operate their computer.

How Does It Work?

The brain implant is called a Layer 7 Cortical Interface, and you might wonder why it is named that. That is because there are six cellular layers that make up the part of the brain called the cerebral cortex. Precision believes their implant will function as another layer.

It will allow a person to control any digital device with neural signals, letting someone move a cursor across a screen or type without a keyboard.

Someone could do all they wish with the internet even if they used to be unable to use a computer, which means that this implant could be used to get people onto social media and to talk with the entire world. This interaction would be great for someone previously unable to do so.

This means someone could pretty much get the full run of the internet even if they used to be unable to use computers, meaning the implant could be used to get people onto social media and chatting with the whole world.

Getting your skull cut open has its risks, however, for someone with a disability, this risk is worth it. And, this chip is actually removable, so you could either get rid of it, or get a newer and better future version of it in the future when it came out.

Neuralink has allowed monkeys to use computers with just their brains, and Elon Musk has said that human testing with the device would be just a few months away. There are other companies hard at work at making a brain to computer device.

What do you think of this brain to computer device? Would you get one?