ai is coming to your google and bing search how it will make them better

AI is coming, and it's going to help power Bing and Google. Here's how it will help.

Ai and search engines

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that it is a new day for search, and this was in reference to the company now integrating chat gpt4 into its being search engine. The hope with this is that the company will better be able to integrate Bing and compete with Google in the integration of an AI assistant while you are searching.

Chat GPT has been in the news lately, and it is quite a buzz with people wondering what it is going to be in the future. One thing that it appears it is going to be is an assistant in search engines.

There was an example of being as a search engine using AI to compare financial statements from two different companies. The AI was quickly able to pull up data from two Financial reports and show a summary and a comparison of the various Financial metrics between the two companies.

I think an AI assistant in a search engine is going to be super important because search engines have not changed much for the last 20 years. Basically, search is typing in something that you're looking for with keywords into a box and getting websites that are relevant that have other sites linking to them using PageRank.

But now with AI you have something that's much more sophisticated, and you can talk to an assistant like a human. And when you talk to this assistant like a human, you can get much more detailed information. One thing that will need to be done with this Ai and chat GPT is making sure that sources of the information are linked to.

Google search and ai-bard

Google is also making its own AI search engine called Bard and many people are wondering why it is called Bard because that sounds like a weird name. Bard is in its testing phase, and it will use Google's language model for dialogue applications to power a conversational AI that will draw on information on the web and one thing that Google is good at is bringing back information from the web that is relevant to the search information being typed in.

One thing that is good about Google, as I said, is that most people are using it instead of being, that is Google's big Advantage here. If Google can make an AI that is just as good as Microsoft's version, and it's search engine that, I think most people will still stick with Google.

The question that I have with Google search and AI is how will its advertising model work? Google will have to come up with some way that advertisers can still make money and will still be willing to pay money to get their information looked at.

It will also be interesting to see how Google handles it with websites that are getting organic search traffic with its new AI, will those sites rankings be impacted? This will be important to know because if those websites are going to be impacted, then those websites are going to focus on other search engines.

It's largely going to be war between these two companies to gain search engine control with AI. The game is changing, and it is changing fast, and the company that will win will be the one that provides the best experience using Ai and the one that can help other websites and content creators make the most money in the easiest way.

Who do you think will win the search engine war, will it be Google or Bing?