speech to text is getting pretty amazing and easy to use

Speech to text is getting pretty amazing and is working very well - and it's EASY to use.

Speech to text is getting easy to use

Speech to text is getting very easy to use and in fact I am using it right now to write this article. I say right this article, but I am not really writing this article, instead I am talking this article into a microphone. This makes it very easy to write an article. I am not experiencing wear and tear on my wrists.

Speech to text getting better is very good for people who are online writers or anyone who is writing a blog or contributing to a website. I, for one, am grateful for the progress that has been made in speech to text, it allows me to get my thoughts out much quicker than trying to type them on a keyboard.

If I look at the rate to which I can create content Now using speech to text, I would say that I am creating a double the rate of creating it using just typing on a keyboard. This is a huge increase in productivity because the accuracy of speech to text has gotten so good.

I remember 10 plus years ago when I was using speech to control my Xbox gaming machine at my home and I would say something like "Xbox play next episode". Rudimentary speech was understood, and I was able to use that and that was nice, but the entire English language was not easily able to be understood and so it had not reached the level that it is today.

The future of speech to text

The future of speech to text is very bright in my opinion because I am using it right now to be a content creator writing articles for this very website. It is allowing me to do this in a very quick and accurate way, as I look at the words that are getting output by my speech I can see that they all are very accurate.

This was not so many years ago, in fact the accuracy was very poor, and often you'd have to try to repeat yourself or speak very slowly and methodically in order to get understood. Now I can speak relatively quickly and as long as I'm speaking clear the words are understood and our output in the way that I want them to be said.

Speech to text is only going to get better, it is only going to get better in the sense of understanding what you are saying and also using the context of which you are saying so that various words are understood in the way you are using them. For example, I was recently doing an article about the search engine AI Google is using called bard. The speech to text was capitalizing Bard because it was the AI system that Google named for its search engine.

Another example is in my journal that I write I have only ever typed it and right now I am thinking about changing that to being speech to text because it would be much faster, and it is much fun more fun to orate my thoughts.

I am going to be experimenting with speech to text much more with the articles I am writing for this website I am going to be experimenting with speaking very quickly and seeing if the system can understand me as well as saying the various, commands that allow me to do different things like adding headings and sentences or jumping to the next paragraph or things like that.

What do you see in the future of speech to text, is it something that you will use?