grammarly now using ai and chat gpt to assist writers

GrammarlyGO is Grammarly's way of integrating AI into its application and in select markets, this is free to use.

Grammarly AI</h2>

Using ChatGPT and other AI systems is becoming increasingly easier to do. I'm writing this article right now, but I could go into ChatGPT and say, "Write me a long article with headings about Grammarly and using AI in the future." I would get an article I could tweak over the course of a couple of minutes and voilà, article done.

Implications of AI In Writing

This has profound implications for the future of writing, and I don't think anybody knows what's really going to happen. It's quite possible, that the future of search engines quickly transforms into an AI race to generate text.

If this happens, and there is no credit given to the numerous sources of data used to generate that text, then hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of website owners are going to be out of business.

Solution to AI in Writing

What is the solution to this problem, then? I think ChatGPT and search engines that use artificial intelligence need to start linking to sources of data instead of just outputting text. Even if it just puts a few links at the bottom of the text to show common sources of relevant data, that is good enough. Otherwise, how do we believe what is being said?

Another solution to the AI in writing problem is to use the AI as an assistant and not to generate an entire article. If all anyone does who write an article is tells ChatGPT to write the article, you are going to get a lot of similar articles and nothing that stands out. Human emotion and ingenuity are still important.

Future of AI and Writing

Even with these solutions to AI and writing, eventually, AI is just going to be superior at generating articles and text. It's going to be inevitable that those who write independently on websites and sharing information will be disrupted by AI. It's going to be very important for writers to interject using their own personal learning and experience that you cannot get on the Internet. That is what will stand out.

But, then that information will be added to the AI as well and be able to be used. Regulation around AI and sourcing is going to come up at some point.


Still, I think it's good that AI is assisting with grammar and writing. I like that I get suggestions for my articles as I am typing them to follow proper form. This is a good thing.

For the future, writers will need to interject their own personality, emotions, and opinions into their articles in order to stand out and maintain interest from others.

What do you think about the future of AI and writing?