a 22 year old is trying to save us all from ai and chat gpt

There is a 22 year old who is trying to save us all from AI and Chat GPT before it changes writing forever.

22 Year Old Fighting Against AI and Chat GPT

In an article from Planet Money, we heard about a 22 year old, Edward Tian who is working hard on a new app to combat the misuse of the artificial intelligence chat bot, Chat GPT.

Chat GPT has gotten quite a lot of buzz lately and even Microsoft is starting to get involved in Open AI</a> efforts to take advantage of this for their search engine, Bing.

Chat GPT lets you interact with its chat bot and ask it questions or to do anything that involves outputting text to the screen. It often gives human-like responses as it does so. There are many use cases from writing articles to writing code to giving suggestions and recommendations.

Awesome and Terrifying Technology

Edward Tian says we are at an inflection point with Chat GPT. The technology is indeed incredible, however, it's like opening a Pandora's box. Once it gets used and is widespread, what are the consequences going to be? Will it take over many things humans used to do?

Edward Tian is impressed by the power of Chat GPT and it being usable by the public for free. For millions of people around the world, interacting with the technology has been like getting a peek into the future and seeing a science fiction move unfold.

Ray Kurzweil has said that the Turing Test will be passed sometime in 2029. It's 2023 now and Chat GPT seems to be the start of what could be human-like AI.

Do you think Chat GPT is dangerous? Should there be AI regulation around this technology?