chatgpt to get internet access this week of may 15th

Renowned artificial intelligence (AI) model, ChatGPT, continues its relentless progress, now promising to incorporate a cutting-edge web browsing capability. This highly-anticipated upgrade is just one of many that OpenAI is set to introduce for the popular AI chatbot.

Updated ChatGPT: Web-Browsing, Up-to-date Text Generation, and More

OpenAI is preparing an upgrade that will empower ChatGPT to scour the web, helping it to generate timely, accurate text. This update will primarily cater to the paid users of ChatGPT Plus. Furthermore, ChatGPT is set to integrate plugins that will allow users to access an array of commercial services, such as Expedia, Instacart, and OpenTable.

ChatGPT, up to now, has been able to amaze users with its text generation prowess. However, its knowledge was limited to the data it was trained on, until 2021. The advent of the web browsing feature will overcome this hurdle, allowing ChatGPT Plus users to access real-time information and up-to-date responses.

Greater Integration with Online Services and Microsoft’s Bing

ChatGPT's features have already been integrated into Microsoft's Bing search engine, enhancing the search experience for internet users. The upcoming upgrade will elevate the user experience even further, providing ChatGPT interface users with text generation that incorporates the latest information from the web.

OpenAI CEO's Testimony: Regulation, Internal Testing, and AI Capabilities

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, in his debut appearance before Congress, advocated for governmental regulation of more potent AI tools, suggesting licensing and testing requirements for models that reach a certain capability threshold.

Expanding Commercial Services Access for ChatGPT Plus Users

Apart from web browsing, OpenAI has also announced that ChatGPT Plus users will enjoy broader access to plugins connecting to various popular internet services. These services include travel platforms Expedia and Kayak, grocery shopping app Instacart, computational power from Wolfram, restaurant booking app OpenTable, and workflow automation service Zapier. According to a post on OpenAI's website, paid users can expect these features to roll out over the coming week.

ChatGPT: A Model of Rigorous Testing and Review

In his congressional testimony, Altman emphasized OpenAI’s thorough internal testing procedures and external reviews conducted by experts prior to model release. He reassured Congress about OpenAI's robust deployment practices which involve a gradual and cautious roll-out of new AI models to increasingly larger user groups, with significant safeguards in place.