twitter employee asks elon musk if they have been fired

Twitter employee Halli Thorleifsson asked Elon Musk if they had been fired when they opened their laptop one day seeing a gray lock screen.

Halli Thorleifsson sent a message to Twitter's CEO, stating that the head of HR could not confirm if he was still employed. Elon Musk responded by asking about his work. Mr Thorleifsson said that nine days after losing access to his Twitter accounts, he did not know if he was still employed. After a conversation with Musk, he received an email confirming that he had been fired.

Twitter did not respond to the BBC's request for comment. Thorleifsson was a senior director in product design and found the uncertainty around his job to be stressful and strange. He reached out to Musk and Twitter's HR, but did not receive a clear answer.

So, Mr. Thorleifsson took to Twitter...

Musk asked what work Halli had been doing, seems reasonable...

Unfortunately, the conversation ended with Elon Musk posting laughing emojis...

After the Twitter exchange between Halli Thorleifsson and Elon Musk, Mr Thorleifsson reported that Twitter's HR department contacted him and informed him of his termination. The conversation between the two was widely circulated on Twitter, and Musk made further critical comments about Thorleifsson's work and disability.

Thorleifsson, who sold his creative design agency to Twitter and became a full-time employee, expressed concern that Musk would not honor the contract he signed with Twitter.

He said that this situation is particularly stressful for him because the sale of his company was meant to provide for his retirement and his family's future as his illness progresses. Elon Musk had also recently fired 200 Twitter employees.

Thorleifsson noted that while companies have the right to let employees go, communication is important and seems to be optional at Twitter.