elon musk forms xcom the everything app twitter now under it

There is not an app that is as good as WeChat in China. It's a good app that lets you do payments and other things. In the U.S., there isn't such an app, so Elon Musk has decided to basically copy WeChat for the U.S. and have that be x.com.

Twitter is even letting businesses know that it has been renamed to X Corp, but that the Twitter service will continue to be known as Twitter.

Big Policy Change

One of the big changes to policy is that Twitter may suspend or terminate your account or cease providing you with all or part of the Services at any time for any or no reason, including, but not limited to, violating the rules and policies or periscope community guidelines, creating risk or legal exposure, unlawful conduct, prolonged inactivity, etc...

Twitter has stated that they will make a reasonable effort to notify someone by the email address they have associated with their account in the event that they are going to get banned.

It does look like Elon Musk is trying to fix everything in the world he believes to be broken, which is probably a lot of things. It started with EVs, then transportation, then the Neuralink for the brain, then reusable rockets, and now payments and more.

What do you think of x.com - is this something that will be good for humanity?