twitter now offers a blue check mark for 1 year subscriptions at 84

If you pay monthly, a blue check mark at Twitter costs $96. You can now pay for a year and pay only $84.

What Does a Blue Check Mark Give You?

A blue check mark for your account on Twitter gives you some credibility. It shows that you paid money with some source. Twitter will give you some advantages if you do this. Your account and comments will be surfaced more easily. You will also be put in a verified group of people and others will have the option to only see verified responses.

Twitter was in a lot of debt when Elon Musk took over and he's been fighting a fire trying to get the company afloat and out of debt. His approach was to lay off more people than usual and focus on the monthly subscription - blue check mark and making changes as fast as possible to see what is working and what is not.

If you pay using a browser, the cost is $8 per month, but it is $11 if you pay using the iPhone app because Apple takes a cut of the payment. It's best to pay using a browser and login with your account in the app.

Will Apple Care?

Will Apple care that Twitter is price cutting when not using its service? So far, it doesn't appear to be so. Apple has specific rules for its App Store. You can login to an app or game if you've created an account somewhere else without a problem.

In the future, Apple could get more tied to its subscription with its apps, which might anger regulators, but give Apple a larger revenue stream if nobody does anything about it.

Make the Blue check mark worth it

Twitter has a long way to go to become profitable. It needs to make the blue check mark worth it. Being able to post a bit longer video, have some special treatment, and editing a post is not enough to pay. There needs to be big incentives to hand over hard earned cash.