power savings tips for your smart phone

We have 10 important tips to save power for your smart phone. This will save you time and having to charge it every day.

Power Savings Tips For Your Smart Phone

1: Dim the screen - This means changing the brightness setting so that it isn't so bright. When it's bright, that uses more energy.

2: Make it Sleep Sooner - There is an option for your phone to go into sleep mode. That's when the screen goes blank and the phone goes into a sort of hibernation state.

3: Use Power Saver Mode - Most phones have a setting where you can choose to use the phone in a power saver mode. This is especially useful for when your battery power starts to get low, but you can also do it right away.

4: Kill Apps Using Too Much Power - There are some apps that just like to use a lot of power. Whether it's a game or some other graphic intensive app running a background process, most phones have a way to see what apps are using power. Kill those apps and don't let them run in the background.

5: Lock Your Phone When Not Using It - Locking a smart phone is easy. Most have a button to do this. Or just put it in sleep mode quickly like tip #2 says to do.

6: Update Your Phone - Always keep your phone up-to-date. Android phones and iPhones have options in the settings to do this. You want all the OS updates and security updates in case there are any bugs with the software causing power to drain.

7: Reduce Notifications - Notifications are nice when you need to know something right away. But, if you don't need a notification right away, disable them in an app. A notification running in the background uses up your phone's power.

8: Limit or Eliminate Location Services - Location services are expensive on your phone. If you don't need it, turn it off. These are generally in the permissions of a particular app on your phone.

9: Keep it at Room Temperature - Cool and dry is the name of the game for your phone. Don't let it get extremely hot or cold. A cool temperature is best. If you have something to put your phone in or cover it, especially at the beach, this is a good idea.

10: Have a Power Bank On Hand - A power bank is a backup battery pack which you can plug your phone into in case of an emergency. It's a good idea to have one of these on you if you are traveling and not going to be by a plug for a while.

Do you have any other power saving tips for your phone? Share theme here in the comments!