this small microbial alien like creature can withstand the vacuum of space itself

A video with a small alien-like creature was seen on Twitter, and it features a microbial alien-like creature that can withstand the vacuum of space itself. What is this creature?

The creature shown here is a Tardigrade, which is an eight-legged microbe that has actually been to outer space. If the world had any kind of catastrophe, this creature would most likely survive and live on. They are like a small miniature spider bear. There are about 1,300 species of a Tardigrade in this world.

Where Are They Found?

These creatures are found in areas where there is fresh water, but they don't need that condition to survive - they just prefer it. They can survive in extreme conditions, whether it be cold or hot, and their DNA can withstand X-ray radiation. It would be interesting if one day that humans found a way to integrate aspects of this creature into them.

Are They Immortal?

A Tardigrade is not immortal, but they are the ultimate in adaptation to their environment. They have survived for multiple decades in extreme conditions. The way that they do this is suspending their metabolism through a process called cryptobiosis. This is like putting yourself in stasis for a long space flight, and it suspends the aging process.

What Kills Them?

Research has shown that an extended period of exposure to very hot water, at around 180.9 degrees Fahrenheit, will kill a Tardigrade in its "tun" state. The "tun" state is when it suspends its metabolism, and it becomes hard to destroy.

Are They Crawling On Me Now?

It's possible there is one crawling on you now, but you need not fear. So far, scientists have not identified a species of Tardigrade that spreads any kind of disease.

What do you think of these small alien-like creatures? Are they worth researching further?