the us desperately needs a good presidential candidate ai could eventually be it

The U.S. is up for a presidential re-election soon and the two primary candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, are the two primary front-runners for the position. The U.S. desperately needs a 3rd and better candidate.

More of the Same

From what I see, most people are not excited or interested in having Joe Biden or Donald Trump get re-elected as President of the United States. With news that the dollar's status as a reserve currency being in jeopardy, along with a soaring national debt, it's clear that no political party really has the population of the U.S.'s best interest.

For Donald Trump, he is viewed as a strong and assertive leader, but a loose cannon and obnoxious and rude at times. For Joe Biden, he is viewed as aging and incapable, and he is going to be 82 soon. Both candidates leave a lot to be desired.

An A.I. President

Enter artificial intelligence. Eventually, artificial intelligence is going to become sentient and more intelligent than a human. It's not likely going to happen in the next few years, but eventually it will. Many "futurists" predict that the government will be run by A.I. eventually.

The big question with an A.I. is what data will it be trained on, or will there come a point in time that the A.I. is able to access all of humanity's information and come to its own conclusions about right and wrong and what is best. What if it decides humanity isn't needed and decides to wipe us out?

If it could be created with no agenda and a true neutral set of principles, an A.I. would be much better than the two current presidential candidates.

Future of Government

The future of government is going to go away, I believe, and currency and law will be more self regulated. There will still need to be swift punishments for crimes or else lawlessness runs rampant, but a true neutral A.I. would hopefully reduce the national debt, create equality among people, and steer the U.S. in a better direction.

The question is, will we have an A.I. presidential debate one day? Will it be between these A.I. systems?

Those are the 3 primary A.I. systems I see evolving in the United States, and we may simply have more of the same in the future - debates and voting, just among A.I. systems instead.

Do you think the U.S. needs an A.I. president eventually?