largest lithium mine in the us stirs controversy

Environmentalists Protest

As part of the movement toward clean energy, there is a $2 billion Lithium mine at Thacker Pass in Nevada scheduled for work in the United States. It's drawing praise and ire at the same time.

This is expected to be the largest source of Lithium in the United States and is viewed as critical as part of President Joe Biden's $2 trillion clean energy plan by providing resources for EVs (electric vehicles).

A U.S. district judge denied the legal challenges raised by environmental groups and upheld the federal government's decision to approve Thacker Pass for a Lithium mine. The judge did agree to a review of Lithium Americas Corp having the right to deposit waste rock on 1,300 acres of public land that the mining project wants to use.

The waste site won't contain valuable minerals. A mining law from 1872 requires mining projects to validate all claims to public lands before federal approval is gained. Lithium Americas must provide evidence that the minerals have been found on the proposed Thacker Pass waste site to resume the project.

Progress Will Continue

Progress is going to continue as nothing in sight is going to stop the transition to EVs. They are just too economical and, over time, too environmentally friendly. Lithium has previously been found in the mining area, so Lithium Americas considers the review of waste a non issue and easy fix.

This is a win for the mining project and the mine site will begin with construction this summer of 2023.

Other protests from local tribes have claimed this project will disturb wildlife and damage air quality and water. I can see how people living there would be disrupted by this.

The waste site will maintain continued review to make sure it is safe and not damaging to the environment.

Lithium Americas said that the federal court ruling to permit continued construction was a success and that they have been thorough and responsible in their development and plans for the Lithium mine.

What do you think of this mine? Is it a good idea or too damaging to the environment?