laser tree trimmer chops a tree in seconds

There is video of a laser cutting down trees in a matter of seconds. The big question about this technology is - is it real?

The video shows a laser with a guidance system getting aimed at trees and chopping pieces of them off very quickly. Is this possible? Let's look at what people had to say about the video:

Some are speculating this isn't real and say that even invisible lasers still diverge in atmosphere and don't know how such a small system could overcome the sustained power output needed to burn through wet wood and the angle used.

I don't know if the trees were wet, however.

Another called this fake because of the wind and trees move a lot at the height shown in the video. It is also said that it would be illegal to shoot such a powerful laser into the sky like that because it could damage even a plane.

Here's another video:

I think this device is real - what do you think?