ai generates stunning images that look real but are not


This main image is from an Instagram account that is of an AI generated woman - and it has over 100,000 followers. These are a collection of the most stunning and realistic AI images on the internet today. And, this is just the beginning of what AI will be able to create.

The BLT, created by Dall-e 2 when asked to create a photo. Worthy of an Instagram chef:

A delicious Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake. Generated by Stable Diffusion

Another One from Stable Fusion - A British Bulldog Wearing a Tophat and Smoking a Cigar

This woman right here is not real and is from the website,

This is a sword using Deep Dream Generator to create a Greatsword

It's incredible what AI is creating here in 2023. What will it be creating in 2033?

Do you think AI should be allowed to create images of people? Could it be used in harmful ways?