why do ai generated images show people with six fingers

In AI generated photos of people, they often have six fingers on their hand. Why is this?

Hand Variety of Shapes and Sizes

The answer might surprise you, given that AI is supposed to be able to process large amounts of data and surpass humans in intelligence. After all, a skilled human artist can draw a picture of a human or a human hand and have five fingers and make it look realistic.

The issue is the complexity of the human hand, apparently, and the anatomy of the hand itself is very complex. Fingers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They always need to be depicted correctly, otherwise the hand will look unnatural. If you take a hand that is in a normal position, there is information that needs to be drawn: wrinkles and folds on the knuckles or shading on the palms, as well as other markings like hair and nails.

Hand Complexity

This is complex geometry, and there is no standard set of lines or shapes that AI can recognize as a hand. The AI has to compare many different shapes each time, and eventually it turns into 6 or more fingers. This gives me memories of The Princess Bride movie and the six fingered man.

There are about 30 points of geometric differences in the human hand, and these range from the length and width of the fingers to the metacarpal bones and carpal joints. The human hand is so complex and unique that the geometry of it can be an even better biometric identifier than our face. Think of that - using our human hand to be a security measure to get into our systems that need to be secure.

Will AI Get the Human Hand Right?

Eventually, AI is going to get human hands (and faces) correctly and surpass the ability of human artists and graphic designers. But, right now, this is not the case, and it is easy to identify a deep fake image that was AI generated.

Have you found any AI generated images that have 5 fingers on a human hand and look realistic? We would love to see them.