donald trump takes charge of nypd now warlord of manhattan

We have the latest images of Donald Trump taking over the NYPD of New York City and he has been crowned "Warlord of Manhattan".

Recently, Donald Trump was taken into custody, but this did not last long. They cuffed him, but using his wit, charm, and supreme intellect, he persuaded his captors to release him for the greater good.

Donald Trump is now recommissioning the USS Intrepid to defend the shoreline from all would be invaders.

In later news, Hillary Clinton was arrested, but did not possess the ability to persuade her captors to let her go. She is being questioned about a variety of things, including why she was so angry at Donald Trump in their debate many years ago.

It's a crazy world we live in, and there are more details of this story:

  • These images are generated by AI and aren't real
  • All of this story was made up by me and not written by an AI</li>
  • Look for 6 fingers in the first picture

Artificial intelligence is amazing. It can create images from people's imagination now. Who knows what it will do in the coming years.

Did you believe this story? When you saw the image, did you think it was real?