ai captures feelings from face detection in real time

We see a video of AI detecting the feelings from a face in real time. These feelings range from anger, sadness, happiness, and a lot more. There are profound implications to this.

Emotions Seen

It might seem like a cool thing at first - that an AI can detect the emotions of someone just from their facial expressions. I see this as having profound implications, however.

The way the AI does this is using something called an emotion wheel. There are 4 primary quadrants in this emotion wheel:

  • Exciting
  • Negative
  • Calming
  • Positive

Inside each of those sections are more emotions, such as fear, angry, disgust, sad, depressed, bored, tired, sleepy, relaxed, happy, excited, and surprise.

Profound Implications

There are profound implications to an AI being able to read your emotions. For instance, governments, police, or other groups might track the facial expressions of people outside in real time to determine if someone is a threat or not.

This could lead to something like the movie, Minority Report, where someone could be arrested before they commit a crime - or arrested because it is believed they will commit a crime. This could lead to a loss of freedom and corrupt control.

For People and Relationships

Imagine if you had an AI as a service and this AI was hooked up to you with an app. If you are out dating, you would be able to tell how someone is doing and quickly act in a way that addressed their emotion.

For example, if someone you were on a date with was feeling sleepy, that would be your cue to tell an outrageous joke or say something very shocking. If someone was feeling excited, you could take that energy and add to it by twirling and dancing with them.

These are simple examples, but the point is that AI will become increasingly smarter and looked to for advice and guidance, rather than our own human intuition.

Conclusion: Never Losing Our Humanity

Through all of this, we must never lose our humanity or what makes us who we are. The best situation is to merge with AI and get the best of both worlds.

I'm hopeful that we'll be able to use AI to better ourselves, rather than have it control us or be used for control.

What do you think about AI? Will it control us, or will it benefit us in the future?