model s tesla sentry mode records gas poured on tesla and fire started

In a video that is hard to believe, a man with two gas cans doused a Model S with the gasoline and lit it on fire while running off. Tesla vehicles are pure electric vehicles and technological wonders for cars. As the Model S burned, the cameras still rolled and sentry mode caught the face of this arsonist.

Tesla vehicles are often the target of crimes including keying or arson, as well as incidents like this where they are lit on fire by other people. One of the reasons people do that is it helps create fear, uncertainty, and doubt around Tesla vehicles, which don't catch on fire very often - in fact, far less than regular gas cars.

There's plenty of other accidents and bumps in this video from Wham Baam Teslacam. Tesla vehicles are equipped with fantastic camera technology and any incident involving a Tesla is likely going to be caught on video and evidence is much easier to get from a Tesla.

What do you think of this video and the incidents involved?